Day: September 2, 2020

The Biggest New Rolex Release of the Year Is…

Back in April, amidst a global pandemic that ground the world to a halt, taking the annual watch show Baselworld with it, Rolex announced it was pulling new releases from the calendar indefinitely. Indefinitely often feels like a scary word used to describe some non-existent future—like when your favorite band says they’re taking a “hiatus”—but yesterday Rolex put an end to indefinitely with the announcement of a new suite of watches. There are plenty of pieces to pore over, including colorful Oyster Perpetuals and a new Sky-Dweller, but the crown jewel of this collection is undoubtedly the no-date Submariner.

The new releases follow Rolex’s tried-and-true template. There is nothing flashy to unhinge your jaw; there are no wholly new models. Instead, a magnifying glass is required to appreciate and geek out over the new-new. This is, after all, the Rolex way: take an icon from the vaults and tweak it

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