Month: September 2020

These Are Fashion’s New Heirlooms

Pink-Gold Reverso

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was released in 1931 with an ingenious swivel case, designed to protect the face during polo matches. The iconic silhouette hasn’t changed since ($13,600).

Metallic Shopping Bag

Telfar sells thousands of shopping bags in seconds on drop days, because the It bag of a generation represents an alternative to a fashion system built on wealth and exclusion (medium, $202; small, $150).

The Perfect Jean Jacket

The only thing more exciting than Gap’s mega partnership with Kanye West is the brand’s renewed focus on its classic denim jacket, which ruled the ’80s ($248).

Artisanal Button-Down

At Parisian casualwear label Casey Casey, a shirt is not done once it has been stitched up. Take this simple white button-down, which is heavily washed in salt water to give it a smooth, papery hand ($550).


With an elegant sartorial pattern and

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A$AP Rocky, Iggy Pop, and Tyler, the Creator Throw a Gucci Spaghetti Party

If you’ve been wondering what Iggy Pop, Tyler the Creator, or A$AP Rocky have been doing during quarantine, we finally have an answer: having a spaghetti party in Hollywood with Harmony Korine.

Courtesy of Harmony Korine for Gucci

At least that’s the story suggested by Gucci’s new tailoring campaign, debuting here exclusively. Gucci, of course, is best known for kickstarting fashion’s recent gender-fluid revolution, marrying a feminine sensibility to its brainy, retro menswear. But Alessandro Michele’s tailoring lately has taken on a spiffy new flavor: it’s still Gucci, with wild logos and big colors, but it’s also become kind of beefy, natty, and even wacky, with sweater vests and double-breasted suits in shapes from the ’50s and ’60s that happen to go perfectly with giant loafers. (It’s no wonder gorpcore kingpin Shia LaBeouf has been so into it!)

Courtesy of Harmony Korine for Gucci

Spring Breakers

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Yes, Please: Gucci and The North Face Announce Collaboration

Fashion right now is an old-timey country hoedown: everyone’s partnering up and two-stepping their way to collaborative designs. Last week, the biggest news in the fashion world was that Supreme was releasing a range of clothes made with legendary Japanese designer Yohji Yamamato. Yesterday, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons debuted their first Prada collection as a compromising couple. Not to be outdone, on Thursday, Gucci announced an upcoming line of gear with stalwart outdoors brand The North Face.

Gucci first announced the collaboration on TikTok—where fashion now happens, apparently—with a trio of short videos featuring placid nature scenes replete with birds twittering, sweeping mountain views, and a flag flapping in the wind that features a smashed-together logo. There are no clothes yet, or hints as to what’s to come, but seeing those two names together is enough to get excited about. “We can only confirm that

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Rafael Nadal Wore His Brand New Million-Dollar Watch to the French Open

A summer absent of all our regular warm-weather activities has given way to a post-Labor Day calendar of nonstop sports events—and, of course, releases from our favorite brands and watchmakers. This week, the two combined as Rafael Nadal took to the court at Roland Garros for the French Open in a brand spanking new Richard Mille piece. The watch commemorates the duo’s 10-year partnership, and is the fifth between them. Subtlety has never been within Richard Mille’s wheelhouse; accordingly, many of the Nadal watches play into the brand’s bold and expressive philosophy. Before the new RM 27-04, the RM 27-03 was tiger striped with the red and yellow of the Spanish flag as an homage to Nadal’s home country. This new watch uses a steel wire that criss-crosses across the face of the piece 38 times to create a tennis racquet effect because… Rafa is a tennis player. Richard

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Martine Rose Is Bringing OnlyFans Energy to Fashion Week

If there’s one thing the fashion world should steal from cult menswear brands, it’s the perfectly executed lookbook. The drop of a Supreme, Noah, or Aime Leon Dore lookbook is like an international holiday, with characters and themes and locations we know and love. Fans of those brands pore over lookbooks with more scrutiny than most people give a runway show, and a whole cottage industry of blogs exists just to analyze them. It’s a reminder that you can really tell a story that way, and that it can be a really efficient way to build buzz. You don’t need a fancy video or a runway show to impart your vibe.

Martine Rose—whose denim suit is worn on our October cover by the great Jonathan Majors, and who also appears on our Quality List—borrowed that trick, dropping my favorite lookbook of the season so far. A lot

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The Air Jordan 35 Made Michael Jordan Smile

Of course, as anyone who binged The Last Dance can imagine, it’s not always easy to elicit that smile from the most ruthless competitor to ever hit the hardwood. “You don’t want to see MJ angry or pissed off,” Kuerbis laughs. “I’m thankful that he’s still in a place where he’ll push you and challenge you to go back to the drawing board.” When Kuerbis—the mind behind the 18 (the last-ever Js that Mike wore in a game), 19, and then every model from the 31 on—was working on the Air Jordan 33, it took upwards of 10 in-person visits with His Airness before the shoe’s laceless design fit his feet properly. “I was sweating every single time. The last time, he literally said, ‘If you don’t get this right, the next time we’re just going to have to blow it up and change it.’”

Thankfully, things went a little

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