Day: August 14, 2020

Three Can’t-Miss Sneaker Collabs Are Dropping This Week

It is, somehow, August, and yet it feels a little like summer has only just begun. But no matter what summer month it is, you’re going to need a pair (or two, or three) of summer sneakers—the kind of shoe you can wear every day, and that might be just a hair more advanced than the canvas beaters you’ve worn into the ground. Conveniently, this week is stacked with three grail-worthy collaborations to solve your problem. The first is between Vans and the cult-loved (and Tyler, the Creator cosigned) streetwear label Stray Rats. Then Reebok has not one, but two collabs on deck: one with New York designer Eric Emanuel and the other with the Los Angeles–based brand Pleasures. Helpfully, the three shoes cover just about all your sneaker bases, which means one should be a fit for your needs—and also that you’ve got an excuse to snap up all

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