Day: August 12, 2020

The Masculine Allure of the Birkin Bag

Makar says StockX doesn’t track customers by gender, though anecdotally she maintains the core customer is female. Still, “given the shift at the macro trend level, and what we know about the typical sneaker consumer, it isn’t a stretch to think that there are an increasing number of male handbag consumers on the platform, including those on the hunt for a Birkin.”

She also points to the growing number of male celebrities carrying the bags. “We’re seeing more and more ballplayers, celebrities and entertainers (particularly in the music space) carrying Birkins or talking about Birkins,” she says. “It’s become the ultimate symbol of luxury and wealth.”

Rhuigi Villaseñor, designer of the brand Rhude, is a proud Birkin fanatic. So unabashed is Villaseñor’s affection for the Birkin that his latest bag, the Jacq, is a direct tribute to it, with his signature triangle cut out of the bottom and braided

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