Day: August 8, 2020

Drake’s Watch Collection Is as Fun as it Gets

Beer has the Most Interesting Man in the World: Dos Equis’ suave silver-haired spokesperson who paraglides, keeps an owl as a pet, and in one commercial descends from a helicopter to play a piano alone in the middle of the desert. The watch world has Drake, whose every piece notches a new, beguiling achievement in horological history. For Drake, nothing is off limits, nothing too gaudy, nothing transgressive enough. We are talking about a guy who customizes Rolexes, wears super-classic Pateks in rotation with roulette wheel-bearing wrist behemoths, and leverages his designer connections to score one-of-a-kind timekeepers.

.His collection is dazzling precisely because he seems to have skipped out on watch collecting 101. He customizes even the most iconic, do-not-customize watches, wears women’s Richard Mille pieces, trades out traditional bands for gaudy bracelets, and stands behind brands that make conventional collectors wince. These are all cardinal sins for collectors,

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