Month: June 2020

Bubble Boys: The NBA’s New Relaxed Dress Code Kisses the Suit Goodbye

In planning the NBA’s effort to restart at the end of July, league officials have reconsidered just about everything. In a 113-page handbook outlining health and safety protocols obtained by the New York Times, the NBA laid out rules for playing poker (masks on, throw the pack straight into the garbage once finished), ping-pong (absolutely no doubles), and snorkeling (BYOSnorkel). The league is also rethinking what players wear in The Bubble: They will be able to change the name on the back of their jerseys to ones related to “social justice issues,” and, strikingly, the league’s infamous dress code is loosening up, according to Athletic reporter Shams Charania.

The new dress code allows for players to go without a sports coat on the bench, and for them to wear short- or long-sleeve polos for “team/league business.” These might sound like small changes, but in a league

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Kanye West and Gap Ink a Deal

“Let’s go back, back to the Gap,” Kanye West rapped on “Spaceship,” all the way back in 2004. Sixteen years later, that’s exactly what he’s doing: on Friday, West announced a partnership between his Yeezy line and the mass-appeal American retailer. A new Yeezy Gap line will appear in Gap stores and on in 2021.

West’s fashion aspirations are no secret: for years, the planet’s most famous rapper famously struggled to be taken seriously as a designer, too. He spent much of the last decade working hard for that recognition, whether at the helm of his own short-lived womenswear brand, as a guest sneaker designer at Louis Vuitton and Nike, or with his own Yeezy line, where he’s been cranking out sweatsuits and sneakers in partnership with Adidas since early 2015. But it’s long seemed as if even a budding billion-dollar sneaker empire wouldn’t quite satisfy him—this is the

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It’s Officially Summer Sneaker Season

Plenty of things are on hold this summer: barbecues, parties, big group beach days. Not hitting pause: a steady drip of bright, slightly kooky, legitimately fun-to-wear summer sneakers. And this week is stacked with top-of-the-line summer drops—groovy collaborations between luxury label Kenzo and Vans, and another from vintage-collector-turned-designer Sean Wotherspoon and Asics. Plus, there’s an eye-catching runner from the French house Lanvin, and Nike is dropping a pitch-perfect colorway of one of its latest new-retro hits.

The California-inspired collection from Kenzo and Vans goes heavy on lively prints and giant flowers. The duo has picked some of the footwear brand’s most iconic styles—the Old Skool and the Sk8-Hi—and have dressed things up with a loud, acidic touch that’ll turn heads—or just look really good with a pair of bright Patagonia Baggies and tall white socks.

OLD SKOOL ‘Tulipes’ KENZO/VANS sneakers

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SK8-Hi ‘Tulipes’ KENZO/VANS sneakers

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A couple

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The 15 Best New Menswear Items From Queer-Owned Labels

For Pride, GQ’s Give It Up series has highlighted a handful of trailblazing LGBTQ+ artists and athletes—along with the charitable organizations they support. In keeping with the spirit of celebration, we rounded up the most stylish new gear that you can buy right now from queer-owned labels. 

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Harris Reed Is Designing the Gender-Fluid Fashion of the Future, One Harry Styles Blouse at a Time

For Pride 2020, GQ’s Give It Up series invites influential artists and athletes to shine a spotlight on charities that are important to them. If you feel inspired—give!

Minimalism often seizes designers in periods of uncertainty: when the fashion industry is on the ropes, say, or when a given designer needs a reset. But the work of Harris Reed, the 23-year-old English-American designer, suggests that fashion is entering a new period of exuberance. Reed just graduated from Central Saint Martins, fashion’s most prestigious graduate school, but has already been hard at work: dressing Ezra Miller in a feathered top hat and Solange in a portrait hat with a circumference to rival a bird of prey’s wingspan, and forging a creative partnership with Harry Styles that has electrified the possibilities of the blouse.

“Gender-fluid clothing has become a vessel to be taken in whatever way you see fit,” says Reed

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Wu-Tang Clan, Washington Nationals, and Apple Emojis: Politicians Are Flexing the Mask’s Power

Last night, giving his victory speech at an election night event, New York Democratic congressional primary winner Jamaal Bowman looked every bit the part of the progressive. He stood behind the podium in a sharp navy blue suit worn with a light blue button-up. There wasn’t a tie in sight and the top button on Bowman’s shirt was undone. This was a man ready to do some work, the outfit said. But the most vibrant sartorial symbol of the night came when Bowman stepped down from the podium to meet with his supporters and covered his face with a mask printed with the Wu-Tang Clan’s “W” emblem. Certainly one way to protect ya neck.

Jamaal Bowman in Yonkers June 23, 2020.

Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

In the span of a few months, the mask has become the most divisive piece of clothing of our times. 70% of Democrats report

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