Day: April 28, 2020

23 Best Men’s Tracksuits to Make WFH Feel Infinitely More Stylish

Dear Sweats: Thank you for your service. Ever since this lonely, befuddling new era began last month, you’ve been there for us. You’ve soothed us, consoled us, shrouded us in your warm embrace. We’re grateful, and look forward to spending many more comforting hours together however long all this madness lasts. Only, we’re ready to branch out a little—it’s time to reintroduce just a teensy bit more polish to our WFH rotations, and that means getting familiar with the best men’s tracksuits.

Because there’s something about a tracksuit, comfortable as it may be, that just feels more purposeful than a sweatsuit. The fabric is denser and more structured, and there’s a jacket involved—one that you have to go to the trouble of putting on and zipping up, rather than just slipping over your head. And then there are all the baked-in associations. Tracksuits are uniforms for people who

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The Nude Legging Trend Celebs Love to Wear

Truth be told, leggings in the spring and summer can be tricky. Your black and gray ones have probably been glued to your body for months now, and you’re ready for a change. And while you likely don’t want to give up leggings completely until fall, thick, dark, constricting fabric against your skin doesn’t really scream “fun in the sun.” But trendsetting celeb-favorite activewear brand Alo (i.e., the creators of those moto leggings that are always everywhere) may have just presented a solution.

Alo, loved by legging-obsessed celebs like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, and Kylie Jenner, released its spring collection, and one thing is clear: They’re heavily endorsing nude leggings for the season. We counted five pairs in the Gravel hue, which we first spotted on Bella Hadid last summer. The brand clearly saw a hit on their hands and created even more nude-colored leggings,

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The 3 Best Fashion Trends for Older Women

We talk a lot about trends here at Who What Wear, but today, we’re acknowledging that not every style movement is right for everyone. Each season, we try to take stock of our own closets and decide what’s worth retiring and what’s worth adding to our closets all in the name of paring down. To continue this conversation, we tapped our resident style expert Susan Feldman, who recently did an audit of her closet.

Today, she’s sharing which items she’s retiring (forever or for the time being) and which pieces she’s feeling the most satisfied by right now. Feldman is the founder of One King’s Lane and In the Groove, a style destination where Feldman shares her age-defying outfits and shopping tips. Whether you’re here to get inspiration on fashion for older women or simply curious to see find out which items Feldman is banning and keeping, keep

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