Day: April 26, 2020

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Timepiece That Started a Watch-World Trend

The watch’s star turn in the movie was catnip to young Boutros. “It wowed me and validated my passion because there were so few people who loved watches when I was growing up, in the era before the internet,” he says. The biggest difference between the original Bond Submariner worn by Sean Connery and Moore’s 5513 is the addition of crown guards on the latter. This is the much more common version of Rolex’s Sub.

Boutros, naturally, helped facilitate the sale of the exact watch used in Live and Let Die and got an up close and personal look at how movie magic was made. “It had no movement,” he says. “They fitted the inside with, like, fan blades and compressed air was funneled through a pipe that cut through into the bracelet and allowed the whole dial and bezel assembly to spin.” The caseback was also signed “Roger Moore

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An Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial That Only Requires One Shadow

“To create Naomi’s look, I used my favorite nude du jour, which is called Deepness by Chanel,” says Jo. “Even though it looks like a black lipstick, it has a really sheeny, balmy finish. It’s going to read balmy, it’s going to read sheer, and it’s going to look really cool and fashion-y. For me, this is the ultimate 2020 nude—I’ve used it on so many red carpets and it looks just slightly different, but extremely beautiful, on every single person I’ve used it on.”

Jo’s expert tip: If you want a lipstick that looks less nude and has more color, try the shade called Mood, instead, which is a bit more berry. Also, if you don’t have the lipstick, you can apply a clear, glossy lip balm to the back of your hand, and rub the same shadow you used on your eye into it to blend. Once it’s

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6 Fashion Mistakes NYC Girls Cringe Over

Even the most hard-core New Yorkers find themselves trapped in a torrential downpour once or twice. It’s a rite of passage to experience the worst parts of the city (pizza rat, anyone?), and in some small part, they help us appreciate the nicer perks of living in NYC. But when we see others going through it, we can’t help but cringe a bit—because, well, we all know how it feels to get a shoe stuck in a sidewalk grate.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the cringe-worthy mistakes that most New Yorkers have gone through and would now just rather leave in the past. Then, to help prevent you from falling victim to these NYC fashion fiascos yourself, we’re offering up some solutions too. Armed with the fashion first aid kit, you’ll be prepped to avoid the grimace-worthy mistakes NYC women go through. So read on for your full

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