Day: April 20, 2020

12 Best Sex Toys for Couples to Make Sex Even More Awesome

If you’re lucky enough to be quarantining with a partner during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a perfect opportunity to try a few sex toys. The best sex toys for couples, in particular, will bring some hot sauce to your stuck-indoors sex life. (And if you’re looking for some solo sex toys, we’ve got you covered there, too.)

That you’ve landed here means you’ve blessedly evolved beyond the dusty, misguided notion that even the best sex toys for couples somehow mark you (or your sex life) as deficient. This is good. Even if your between-the-sheets time needs a kick-start, there’s exactly zero shame bundled into using these products. (And if you’re a first-timer looking for some rookie tips, we’ve got a helpful guide for getting into sex toys.)

Here’s why you should care about bringing sex toys into the bedroom, even if everything’s [mind-exploding emoji]: because she’ll enjoy

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The Best Postpartum Clothes I Wore on Maternity Leave

My first night back home from the hospital, just three days after the exhilaration and joy of giving birth, I woke up in the middle of the night enveloped in soaked sheets. Why didn’t anyone tell me my breasts would leak like a large sieve? How did I not know I’d need to sleep in a supportive bra lined with nursing pads, two sizes larger than my regular pregnancy bras? Why had I been so consummately focused on my maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy and not my postpartum needs? I realized I did all my reading and research on being pregnant but was unprepared when it came to what I’d need afterward to care for myself and stay comfortable.

The reality is, of course, you don’t need a lot. I essentially lived in three items throughout my maternity leave: loose sweatpants, a nursing bra, and an oversize

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The 5 Best Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas—and What to Avoid

After over two years of working remotely as a fashion and beauty writer, I’m confident I’ve cracked the work-from-home code. For instance, I know the importance of taking regular, short breaks away from my computer to keep me alert and productive all day long. I know that keeping coffee at hand is a basic cardinal rule. I also know that I must change out of my pajamas as soon as I’m out of bed each morning, even if I wake up early with time to spare or I’m having a meeting-less day. If I stay in my pajamas, I won’t feel as energetic or as mentally sharp as I need to be in order to tackle the first influx of emails.

I also know that the clothes I change into need to strike a very specific balance. My outfits can’t be too comfortable. Wearing sweatpants day in and day out

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