Day: April 14, 2020

8 Best Coffee Makers 2020: For Mornings When You Just Can’t Even

The irony of making great coffee is that most of us need to have had a cup before being capable of operating even the simplest, most intuitive, best coffee makers. And even if you can muster the early-morning brain power, unless you relish the process of grinding beans, weighing beans, boiling water, not messing up the water temperature, preparing a filter, and cleaning up after yourself, whatever you have at home is going to lose out to handing $3 to a barista (under normal, non-socially-distanced circumstances, that is). But these days even the most ardent buy-over-brew coffee lovers are forced to become masters of at-home coffee making, even if they’re perfectly content with Folgers, pods, or anything that only kinda resembles coffee.

If you are someone who typically spends way too much money at coffee shops, but doesn’t like any form of instant coffee—totally get it, it’s gross—you might have

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The 20 Best Sneakers for Wide Feet, Says a Podiatrist

It’s an age-old tale: You see a pair of shoes you absolutely love and insist on buying them, even though the fit isn’t perfect, reasoning to yourself that you’ll be able to wear them in. Unfortunately, according to podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, a Vionic Innovation Lab member, this shoe-shopping philosophy is an absolute no-no, especially when you’ve got a wider foot.

“From the moment you try them on in the store, the shoes should fit comfortably and feel just right,” Sutera explains. “If they’re tight, try the next width up or a different style. Breaking shoes in damages feet in the process.” Luckily, finding sneakers that comfortably fit a wide foot isn’t that hard. According to Sutera, styles with adjustable straps and a more rounded or square-shaped toe box tend to better suit a wide foot. Many brands also allow shoppers to pick their preferred width (e.g., M

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Proof That “Granny Panties” Can Actually Be Cool

In 2015, The New York Times published a story titled “Women Say No to Thongs.” The opening image featured two young women looking back over their shoulders, sporting sweatshirts and high-waisted, full-bottom underwear (emblazoned with the word “Feminist,” no less). The opening line reads, “A young generation of women is discovering a new brand of sexy in the most unlikely of places: their grandmothers’ underwear drawers.” The remainder of the story investigates the fashion phenomenon that is the resurgence of “granny panties,” full-coverage undergarments that, while once frowned upon by younger generations, have reemerged—much like the embrace of Birkenstocks and fanny packs (as the article calls out and of which I am guilty)—within the new wave of cool-girl staples.

Not long after the laundry-day go-to found its footing among the fashion-minded set, the market picked up on the unlikely predilection and upped its offerings of full-bottom

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