Day: April 12, 2020

When Tony Soprano Gives You a Watch, This Is the Icon He Chooses

Welcome to Watches of the Week, quarantine edition. With celebrities staying home, we’re calling in friends and experts to share their favorite pieces from pop culture’s past and present.

Today, Patek Philippe collectors wait years to score a single handmade piece, and rappers shout the brand out as often as they do their latest check or Virgil-Abloh-designed anything—sometimes combining the two with atomic levels of braggadocio. But John Reardon, a former employee of the brand and the founder of Collectability, a platform that sells Patek watches, remembers a time when that wasn’t the case at all. Take, for instance, the time Tony Soprano gave his cousin a Patek as a thank-you gift on a 2002 episode of the Sopranos. “Where today it seems like every other rap song says ‘Patek,’ that did not exist in the 2000s,” Reardon says. “No one even knew what Patek was in recent

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10 Royally Banned Beauty Trends Meghan Markle Can Wear Now

Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in 2018, countless changes have befallen her life. Aside from the whole becoming royalty thing, the sartorial swaps alone were enough to make us do a double-take. It’s no surprise that in addition to the lengthening of her hemlines, Markle’s beauty wardrobe has gotten a touch of royal refinement, too. Messy ponytails? Never. Dark nail polish? Not without outrage!

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced their plans to “step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family” and end their full-time residence in the UK, it seems only natural that many of the stringent royal rules they’ve been adhering to will fall by the wayside. As you can imagine, the rumor mill is already swirling about the pair’s next professional move, where they’ll take up residence (signs are pointing to Canada), and what all of this will mean

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3 Bikini Trends Celebs Are Backing for 2020

I realize how bizarre it is to be talking about swim trends when summer still seems like a distant memory, but hear me out. While most of us are piling on the heavy layers these days, a handful of celebs have been off on vacation soaking up the sun and wearing some really cool swimsuits. So even though 2020 has only just begun, we already have an idea of which trends will reign supreme this year since celebs usually set the trends in the swimsuit arena.

We took a deep dive into the Instagrams of It girls like Dua Lipa, Gabrielle Union, and Bella Hadid and uncovered three of the most important bikini trends to know for the year ahead. Keep scrolling to discover the trends, according to the celebs who are backing them. Then, shop our swimsuit picks within each.

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