Day: April 9, 2020

It’s Time to Get into Small Watches

A funny thing happened when the smartphone took over all of our timekeeping needs: Men got really into watches. Aesthetics (as opposed to pure horological utility) became everything. Some guys went the über-macho route, strapping on pieces reminiscent of the wrist cannons Sylvester Stallone was fond of wearing in the ’90s. Others went for pure blinged-out maximalism, which peaked around the time Beyoncé gave Jay-Z a $5 million icy Hublot for his 43rd birthday. But along the way, an undercurrent of enthusiasts sought to correct course with quieter, smaller vintage timepieces—and all of a sudden, the status-symbol watch shrank. That’s because for most of history, men’s watches have measured less than 40 millimeters in diameter, from World War I trench watches right up to the iconic pieces from the 1950s like the Rolex Explorer. Now that the best watches of 2018 are getting smaller and dressier watches again, watchmakers
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The Best Times of Year to Buy Clothing for Less

Is it just us, or does scoring a great piece for a ridiculously affordable price also make you feel weirdly victorious? It’s that feeling of somehow cheating the system or being let in on an insider secret. It’s the reason why we always take the time to tell you about the latest sales from our favorite stores and sites—both online and IRL—and why we never hesitate to share our favorite places to find affordable items.

Today, though, we’re taking the guessing out of it to bring you our ultimate guide on which items to buy to maximize your savings while minimizing the time and research that goes into hunting down sales and clipping coupons. We devised this handy guide detailing the most opportune times to buy certain items. Not only will it make you feel like a delightfully savvy shopper, but you’ll also save a pretty penny too. Ahead,

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11 Lingerie Brands All French Girls Swear By

When it comes to effortlessly chic style, we’re constantly chasing that je ne sais quoi of all French girls. Breton stripes, ballet flats, their ability to totally transform a look with the simple addition of a blazer or leather jacket; it’s as if all Parisians are born with that innate confidence of dressing that we spend the better part of our lives in pursuit of. And we want in. This season, we’re attacking our French-girl wardrobe in the most logical way possible: We’re starting with our lingerie drawer. After all, there’s something about slipping into a romantic lacey bralette we want to show off just as much as the shirt we layered on top that turns our everyday stroll into a little more of a runway strut—even if no one else knows it.

From couture creations to affordable styles you can truly stock up on, here are 11 French

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