Day: April 3, 2020

This North Face Collection Really Makes Us Wanna Go Outside

It’s not heresy to say that the North Face is better known for its winter-ready puffer jackets than for springtime clothes. But the outdoorsy brand’s latest “Urban Exploration” line, set to drop this month, seems ready to change all that. It is the third collection produced in collaboration with Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi, who has been doing his thing to elevate the legendary brand’s basics for several years now. The entire collection is built to be mixed and matched, and feels like the kind of thing that’ll kick-start any spring wardrobe—whether you live in the city, the mountains, or any other socially distant space in between.

Courtesy of The North Face

Familiar North Face signatures abound: windproof parkas, water-resistant overshirts, and bold graphic T-shirts. But a closer look reveals that Kuraishi has pared back many of the garments to their essentials. Details like buttons and stitching are tonal, matched to

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Alexa Chung Just Showed Us Everything She Has Worn at Home

As most of the nation has now moved indoors for the foreseeable, businesses up and down the country are operating from kitchen tables and makeshift desks. Everyone we have spoken to about working from home has stressed the importance of getting dressed for productivity and installing a sense of routine, as tempting as a day in pajamas might sound.

For the past decade, every outfit Alexa Chung has worn out of the house has been heavily documented. She has a knack for putting clothes together that is both playful and low-key and really encapsulates the British sensibility.

When it comes to working from home, Alexa is very much in the “get up and get dressed” camp. Below, she shows Who What Wear what she has worn for six days of video calls, once-a-day walks and evenings on the sofa. Thanks to her boyfriend playing the role of photographer (and quickly

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11 Makeup Products to Use When Working From Home

As a remote employee, I’ve been working from home for 4.5 years, which is a long time. My WFH tricks have certainly fluctuated throughout the years, but one thing that’s remained constant is that I always put on makeup, and on the rare days that I don’t, I feel less awake. Yes, it’s in my head, but if something keeps me from being productive, regardless of whether or not it’s tangible, I’m not going to do it. I’d much rather just take the extra 10 minutes to put on some makeup in the morning

The thing is, I steer clear of heavy makeup and stick to only natural products that allow my skin to glow as opposed to masking it. And I don’t bother with a lot of gadgets and tools. Just using my fingers, for the most part, speeds up the task a lot. I’ve stuck to

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