Month: April 2020

The Best Fit in ‘The Last Dance’ Is Michael Jordan’s Country-Club Ready Warm Up

As ESPN continues to roll out The Last Dance, GQ staffers will make their case for the ultra-cool doc’s most stylish moments.

For a certain kind of “old head,” episodes of The Last Dance, ESPN’s Michael-and-the-Bulls documentary, must be the most powerful dosage of nostalgia that exists on God’s green earth. You’ll recognize these “old heads” from past TNT broadcasts—remember those?—and inflammatory radio interviews. They’re the type who lament the things missing from basketball today: blood rivalries between stars, WWE scenes playing out anytime someone goes up for a layup, and—you better believe it—mid-range jumpers. Back in my day, they say, there were no three pointers and banana boaters. I’ve always ignored their complaints, but The Last Dance has made me more amenable to the idea that basketball really was better in the ‘80s and ‘90s. With a caveat: basketball wasn’t better back then because it

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29 Pull-On Pants for Women That Are Chic and Comfortable

I don’t know about you, but drawstrings and elastics have completely replaced zippers and buttons in my closet right now. I can’t be bothered to wear anything remotely stiff or fussy, but there’s a whole world of cute pull-on pants that don’t include sweats or leggings. Wide-leg linen pants, long silky trousers, cotton cargos, high-waisted culottes, velvet flares—the options are practically endless. And there’s nary a zipper or button in sight.

Below, I’ve rounded up my favorite pull-on pants from our readers’ favorite retailers, including Nordstrom, H&M, Free People, & Other Stories, and Shopbop. Of course, there are plenty of super casual options to wear at home, but others look incredibly polished and put-together. In fact, some of these look exactly like office-ready trousers minus the stiffness of buttons and zippers. Scroll down to shop my favorite pull-on pants right now. 

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The 10 Best High-Rise Thongs on Amazon

Over the past year, we’ve shared an assortment of Amazon-focused stories ranging from the $20 item that will change the way you pack and the “miracle” socks that heal blisters to the fashion items we’re buying and the items a celebrity stylist always scores on the ’zon. We’ve also shared a handful of controversial lingerie trends that have flourished recently, like the one that weirdly made me happier, everything you need to know about “keyhole” underwear, expert insight on the next big lingerie trends, and the rise of string thong pieces in the underwear and bikini departments. Well, today we’re merging the two topics and bringing you the thongs with the best ratings on Amazon.

We have vocal Amazon shoppers to thank for that time we brought you the top-reviewed leggings, the T-shirt with the highest customer ratings, and the best-selling jeans on the worldwide shopping destination. We hopped

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12 Best Indoor Plants That Even You Can’t Kill

How often to water: Cheng says you should water a snake plant when the soil is fully dry, and not before.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is a hearty plant that grows beautifully, and quickly. “It can do well in low light conditions, and it known for being low maintenance,” says Carter. Its waxy, green leaves aren’t large, but each plant has about a million of them, which makes each one a real looker.

How often to water: Water when soil is completely dry.


Cactuses are designed to make your life easier: these thick, fleshy plants retain water better than other species, so even the most forgetful and water-withholding among us are able to keep the them alive. In the best conditions, a saguaro cactus can live for hundreds of years. If you do this right, you’ll be able to pass your pet cactus down to your grandchildren.


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Shapewear Is Gaining in Popularity—These Are the Best Pieces

Lingerie trends come and go (trust us—we’ve written about plenty of them), but lingerie staples never die. One of those staple styles, in particular, clearly shows no signs of fading. According to fashion and retail technology company Editedshapewear is exponentially rising in popularity. Compared to other lingerie styles, it might be considered “boring,” but the number of new shapewear arrivals on the market increased by 143% in 2018, compared to 2017. That’s a lot, folks. Edited noted, “Favored styles are high-waisted pants, control slips, and pullovers with long sleeves.”

There’s plenty of functional shapewear on the market, so we did our due diligence and found some of the prettiest shapewear (that’s also very functional, of course) available right now. Keep scrolling to shop our picks. 

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The 15 Best Front-Closure Bras You’ve Been Looking For

After coming home from a long day, there is nothing better than the relief of finally taking off your bra and letting yourself loose from the uncomfortable confines you’ve been subjected to for hours on end. (Sorry to sound so dramatic, but I think you know what I mean). There is nothing worse, however than struggling to wrap your hands around your back while peering over your shoulder into the mirror as you attempt to undo the snag in the clasp in the back. Is a little support and functionality too much to ask for?

The solution to both these problems is simple—front-closure bras. Not only does this supremely comfortable style boast a clasp in the front that is perfectly situated for easy removal, but they also pull your breasts forward and together, which provides the exact support and lift a lot of us look for in our favorite bras.

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