Day: March 24, 2020

In a Moment of Information Overload, Governor Andrew Cuomo Dresses for Facts Only

Cuomo, in other words, is dressing for facts only.

Over the course of the presidential primary season, the Democratic candidates seemed to think that just appearing in rolled up shirtsleeves marked you as, well, ready to really roll up your shirtsleeves—which means the most prominent appearances of liberal male politicians in recent months found them in shirtsleeves. But here comes Cuomo in his suit and tie, his shirt bunching together under his jacket as he leans in to the microphone, daunted but not discouraged, to talk to us like the baseball coach-in-chief: “This is not a short-term situation. This is not a long weekend. This is not a week,” as he said on Sunday. The archetypal centrist, Cuomo has worn ties that are beige, purplish, bluish. Sometimes there’s no tie at all, but he’s not in business casual—it’s something more like the inner politesse that peeps up to remind

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6 of the Best Fashion Trends for Women Over 60

My mother, Nancy, is about to turn 60. (HBD, mom). As someone who’s into fashion—favoring uncomplicated trends to work within the classic wardrobe she’s been curating for decades—she’s all for sharpening her style from time to time. And she mentioned to me that she wants to use this big moment in her life to venture a bit out of her sartorial comfort zone. Now, she doesn’t want to completely switch up her timeless vibe (it’s her personal style, after all), but she is rather curious about how some of the latest forward trends could, as she put it, “up her style game” at the moment.

So on one of our many frequent phone calls (I legit speak to her three times per day), we set aside a good chunk of our convo to discuss trends. I basically rattled off some of the key looks fashion girls are wearing these

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10 Skinny-Jean “Mistakes” Celebs Over 40 Never Make

We’re all well aware by now that skinny jeans are timeless and ageless. Some of the most stylish celebrities over age 40 are proof of that. The thing about women in this age group is that they’ve honed their style over the years and know what works (and doesn’t work) for them. For that reason, it’s wise to follow their lead and build your own arsenal of skinny-jean outfits inspired by them.

With those years of sartorial experience under their belts, it’s evident that celebs over 40 have learned which style “mistakes” to avoid and which to make on purpose. (That said, “mistakes” are certainly subjective, according to your personal style.) You’re probably ready to just see what those avoidable, yet chic, “mistakes” are, so keep scrolling to see how celebs like Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Moss master wearing skinny jeans.

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