Day: March 18, 2020

How Entireworld’s Scott Sternberg Plans to Get His Clothing Line Through the Coronavirus Crisis

This email went out yesterday—has there been a measurable response yet?

Yeah, we had a great, great Sunday. A fantastic Sunday. So from a sales perspective, it was great. And a few nice media folks called and wanted to get my take on why I was so painfully honest with everybody. The sweatsuits are great; it’s a great product. So I think it was a well-timed promotion. Hopefully we’ll keep it up over the next couple days, and then put our heads down and figure the next one out.

Last time we’d talked, you mentioned Trump’s tariffs maybe having an effect on your business because of your production happening in China. So when did you clock the fact that there was a novel coronavirus spreading through the country where you produce your goods?

I was paying attention to it as my sourcing team, who is one person, was paying attention

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What Your Monthly Clothing Budget Should Be

We can confidently say that we spend a substantial amount of our hard-earned paycheck on clothes, but what exactly should our clothing budget be? To be quite frank, we had no idea, which is why we were excited to research this story. And just in case you’re in the dark about your spending habits as well, we thought we’d bring the matter to light with a super-simple equation.

To get to the bottom of it, we looked to award-winning financial planner Pete Dunn. Based on his expertise, we calculated what your clothing budget should be per month based on your salary. And because we still fully condone adding a few pieces to your wardrobe each month, we included a few on-budget items that we recommend for each of the salaries listed below. Keep scrolling to get ready for your reality check.

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The 25 Best Cheap Face Masks and Serums on Amazon

Look, I’m not going to sit here and write this long-winded story about my love affair with masks and serums, because that’s not what you want. I’m also not going to tell you that masks and serums are the only products you need to use, because that just wouldn’t be true. But simply put, serums are powerful. They’re formulated with concentrated doses of hardworking active ingredients that can help improve a number of skin woes from dark spots to hyperpigmentation.

Even if you don’t have anything specific you’re trying to fix (okay, stop bragging), everyone can benefit from using a simple serum to protect their skin from daily aggressors. As for masks? Well, when a bad skin day strikes, nothing else quite helps get my complexion back on track, plain and simple. So now I’m sharing a bunch of cheap face masks and serums I’ve tried or come across on

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