Day: March 17, 2020

Timothée Chalamet Is Perfectly Attired for Social Distancing

Timothee Chalamet is both a fashion icon for our age—defying all stereotypes, soaring above cliches like a freaking fashion eagle—and a soothsayer for the moment, with just the right outfit to knock us slightly off our rockers. Like, remember when he went suiting casual, but brooch formal, to the Oscars? Or when he wore Sterling Ruby’s paint-spattered S.R. Studio LA. CA overalls to promote a movie? These are the kinds of outfits that move people young and old to tears. I am personally taping pics of these fits to my windows—images facing out, to keep my neighbors inspired in these trying times.

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So in this time of isolation, of staying at home, of course Chalamet has emerged once more as the directional dresser of the moment. On Monday, he strolled through Notting Hill in a perfect Social Isolation Constitutional Fit. Notting Hill is the London

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Wait, Should We All Stop Wearing Ballet Flats?

While Dr. Khorramian named ballet flats as the most common shoes to cause foot-related issues, he explained that other unsupportive or painful styles are also worth avoiding. “Flip-flops can cause a lot of injuries,” he stated. “Pointy shoes can also cause corns and blisters because of the lack of circulation to the toes.”

Some of the most unsupportive shoes for your feet include classic ballet flats, flip-flops, pointed shoes, and precarious heels. So what are the best ways to protect your feet? “Always buy shoes that are cushiony underneath the soles of the feet and have enough toe room,” said Khorramian. And if you are planning to wear shoes with little support or high heels, he recommends carrying a larger bag where you can easily swap to comfortable shoes. “If you must wear heels, avoid wearing them while you’re driving, for long periods of time, and while walking.”


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6 Spring Legging Trends Fashion Girls Will and Won’t Wear

Okay, okay, clearly you can’t deny the power of the perfect pair of black leggings. After all, they’re a classic staple at this point as a fashionable way to keep comfortable in your day-to-day. That said, there is actually a smattering of fresh legging trends that we’re particularly into as alternatives to basic black leggings. Because come on—variety is the spice of life, right? So we’re all about mixing it up from time to time.

Ahead, you’ll find the five forward spring trends we’d potentially give up our tried-and-true black leggings for at the moment. To showcase each look, we also rounded up celebrities that have already been wearing said trends for a little style inspiration. Keep scrolling for more, and shop the best leggings of the moment as well.

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