Day: March 16, 2020

14 Best Sweatpants for Men and Everyone in 2020

Just a few years ago, the idea of trying to find the best sweatpants for men would’ve sounded ludicrous. Sweatpants were the thing you wore exclusively in your most lethargic moments—sniffly on the couch, hungover in a college lecture, picking your kids up from soccer practice without ever getting out of the car—never something for true public consumption. So why bother? Just keep right on wearing the same ratty pair with the bright orange stain from the Great Kraft Mac & Cheese Disaster of 2003.

Then the athleisure movement happened, and everything changed. We’re thankfully a few years past the peak of everyone rolling around town in high-concept yoga pants and $500 zip hoodies, but the idea of owning truly great sweatpants has stuck around for good. With the right pair—i.e. sweatpants that are hyper soft but still have some structure, that are tailored in a way that accentuates your

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What Causes Hair Damage? The 12 Worst Things You Can Do

Hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand fairies slowly perishing, which happens to make the exact same noise as your hair frying between two 400-degree metal plates. “Without proper protection, high heat irons will just burn and break your hair off,” says Streicher.

Certainly, different hair types can handle varying levels of heat. For fine hair, straightening and curling should be kept to lower temperatures (like 300 degrees tops). Coarser-textured hair can handle a bit more heat. “When in doubt, bring your flat iron or curling iron to your next appointment and ask your stylist,” says Cranford.

And always, always use a heat protectant. “That poor hair—it needs a product to help it fight off the negative effects of heat at that moment,” says Rez. “Not using heat protection when using hot tools will take a major toll.” Try Redken’s Iron Shape 11 Heat Protectant Spray, $20.


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6 Non-Legging Outfits That Are Comfortable and Chic

Leggings are undoubtedly a wardrobe staple for many. But if you like to switch up your comfy outfits from time to time, alternative athleisure items might be of interest. On that note, we recently took a deep dive into the style set’s latest go-to cozy-pant choice: sweatpants. Yep, the coolest fashion girls continue to incorporate jogger silhouettes into their casual ‘fits as replacements for formfitting leggings. But there are actually a few other comfortable pieces worth noting this season.

To highlight the relaxed staples fashion people are all about right now, we’re showcasing six forward outfits that are just as comfortable and chic as those that would typically be styled with leggings. With that in mind, keep scrolling to uncover your new off-duty outfit.

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