Day: March 9, 2020

6 H&M Items I’m Buying to Look Like a French Girl

Some may say the French-girl obsession has gone too far, but if you ask me, it hasn’t gone far enough. Thanks to their effortless sense of style and unique outfit configurations, the obsession with them is one we aren’t quite ready to quit. To no one’s surprise, the French have mastered summer style before it’s even started. Wearing everything from those milkmaid tops the fashion community can’t stop talking about to easy-to-wear printed dresses, I decided it was time to do something about my wardrobe envy, stat!

While I would love to be able to afford the exact items some of my favorite Parisian It girls have been flaunting, I need to be practical with my purchases whether I like it or not. When I’m not shopping at Zara, I love a good H&M haul, and it just so happens the retailer has every key summer item I need to

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How Danish Brand Carcel Is Empowering Incarcerated Women

Carcel is also transparent about the limitations of its impact. “Working with incarcerated women does not address the root causes of why they are in prison in the first place,” Carcel explains on its website, “but it creates opportunities for them and their families while they are incarcerated and when released.”

Sustainability, including avoiding overproduction, is also a critical part of Carcel. The brand uses 100% natural materials—never synthetic—and only sources locally from its production sites. “The biggest issue in fashion is overproduction and waste,” D’Souza told me. “That’s why we don’t have seasons and collections but instead do limited batches of high-quality essentials that last. And we never put our products on sale because we believe that if you make something well, from good materials, the product should not lose value. This enables us to sell what we produce and produce what we sell.” 

Now that you’ve gotten a

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