Can The Way You Dress Affect Your Mental And Physical Health

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Can the way you dress affect your health? Some experts say it can. Using clothes that are not suitable for the season can lower the immune system of your body, but that is not the only way your wardrobe could potentially affect your health. Nor is the physical aspect of health the only concern. You have the same make up as every other human being. Your body responds to the same stimuli. If you neglect certain parts of what makes you who you are, you open your self up to many negative things. Whether you do it consciously or not, the way you dress tells a story about you, how to dress can also reflect who you really are. It lets people know how you feel mentally as well as physically. if you feel good in terms of physical, you will tend to wear clothing that showcases confidence and a look at me aura., thereby, helping to keep your immune system healthy. However, if you do not feel good about your physical state, no matter what you put on it will show a sense of using clothes to hide in plain sight of everyone and that can suppress your immune system.

It goes even further than that. Studies have shown that wearing certain fashions have the ability to change your mood. Dark clothing tends to portray a sad picture, dressed in bright colors can also describe a happy mood. if you Always be around such an environment like that can have a negative affect on your mental state and the mind plays a big part in your overall health. This is why hospital rooms are certain color hospitals tend to choose white. Different hues are known to help your body to heal due to the positive state of mind … Read More