Where to Buy Face Masks Right Now

In a reversal of earlier guidance that Americans don’t need to wear face coverings in public in order to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, the White House is expected to announce in the coming days that wearing a mask, or covering the face with a bandana or scarf, is in fact advisable, according to memos created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and shared with the White House this week.

In a copy of the guidance obtained by The Washington Post, the CDC recommends that “the community use of cloth masks as an additional public health measure people can take to prevent the spread of virus to those around them.” President Donald Trump added in a press briefing on Thursday that “I don’t think it will be mandatory,” and a White House official told the Post that the guidance would be “narrowly targeted to areas with high community transmission.” That largely tracks with what medical professionals told GQ earlier this week: that wearing a cloth mask isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s better than not doing anything.

The memos and guidance that the CDC shared with the White House clarify that N95 respirators and surgical face masks, both of which are in critically short supply, should be reserved for health-care workers. So if you’re going to wear a mask—and you should; just listen to these experts—what are your options? Here is a running list of designers and manufacturers who are creating non-medical-grade masks—we’ll update as more information becomes available.


Hard to find a better deal than a dollar for a disposable mask.

Modern American x Fidelity Denim

In tandem with Fidelity Denim, Modern American is producing six-packs of masks—and donating another six to healthcare workers for every pack sold.

Modern American face mask (6-pack)

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Textile company Matteo—think crispy duvet covers—is applying its know-how to masks.

Matteo cotton face mask (5-pack)

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Jack + Mulligan

We dig the black trim on these Jack + Mulligan masks, a portion of the sales of which goes to the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund.

Jack + Mulligan reusable masks (5-pack)

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Standard Issue

We love Standard Issue’s heavy-duty cotton goods, and now they’re getting into the mask game.

Standard Issue cotton masks (3-pack)

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New Republic

For each mask you buy, New Republic’s sending one to a community partner: the West LA VA and neighborhood senior centers.

New Republic cotton masks (3-pack)

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Ball and Buck

For the masked sportsman. Ball and Buck’s camo mask will keep you safe(r) on a trip to the grocery store, and also well camouflaged in the deer blind.

Maison Modulare

Can a face mask be…sexy? Check out Maison Modulare’s French lace version and tell us we’re wrong.

French Lace mask [Out of stock as of 4/6]

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Alabama Chanin

Natalie Chanin is a longtime practicioner of “slow design,” making hand-sewn and machine-made womenswear garments in her factory in Florence, Alabama. All her pieces are made from 100% organic cotton sourced from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative in Lubbock Texas. Her non-medical grade masks are made from tight-weave cotton that is less permeable than standard cottons, and are washable and reusable.

Reusable non-medical grade face mask

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Daniel Patrick

Because if you’ve gotta wear a mask, you might as well get one in a colorway no one else has. If you order at least two of them, the company will send you another one for free.


A brand that usually makes gear for world travel pivots to masks you can wear for short-haul grocery store trips.

Swaddle Designs

A baby-blanket maker pivots to pandemic protection.

Caraa mask pack (5-pack)

Bag company Caraa is taking its excess fabric cuttings and turning them into masks.

More Love, Love More “Love Bird” mask

Becasuse covering your face doesn’t have to mean giving up on self-expression.

More Love, Love More “Love Bird” mask

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Naomi Nomi

Recently, Naomi Mishkin explained the troubles she was facing in shifting her Naomi Nomi line to mask production. The first handful of obstacles have been overcome—civilian masks are being made, and every purchase means one is donated to a healthcare worker. They’re sold out for now, but join the waitlist and check back over the weekend for increased stock.

Cotton mask [Waitlist as of 4/6]

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American Blanket Company

Denser than a standard cotton or paper mask, these are made from polyester fleece. It’s like wearing a blanket on your face, but more breathable. (The world’s coziest mask?) American Blanket Company will donate a mask with every purchase.

Soft comfort fleece face masks (5-pack)

American Blanket Company


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Citizens of Humanity

The denimheads of Citizens of Humanity have turned their jeans expertise to mask-making. $25 gets you a pack of five in assorted washes—just right if you want to match to your favorite jeans.

Cotton mask (5-pack) [Out of stock as of 4/6]

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Collina Strada

New York upstart Collina Strada was one of the breakouts at New York Fashion Week back in February, some 37 years ago. Now, designer Hillary Taymour is sending along a free mask with every purchase. If you’ve been jonesing for a T-shirt with nipple piercings, now’s the time.

Free face mask with purchase

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Buck Mason

You might know Buck Mason as a direct-to-consumer brand well-liked for its T-shirts. Now, they’re turning that tasty cotton into masks.

Anti-microbial prevention face masks (5-pack)

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Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel, the company founded by American Apparel founder Dov Charney, is selling three-packs of masks in several different colors. It says mask purchases will fund its ability to donate masks, and to cover costs at its factories.

Los Angleles Apparel face mask (3-pack)

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Eveybody.world is also selling Los Angeles Apparel’s black face masks. In this case, though, proceeds go directly to the Everybody.world’s employee-relief Rainy Day Fund, which it says it set up to offer more paid time off for factory workers during the pandemic.

Classic Sofa

New York-based furniture company Classic Sofa has a ton of face masks available in three different sizes and several different colors.

Take Care

Canada-based company Take Care Supply was founded specifically to make masks in response to the coronavirus epidemic. The company says its masks will ship in two to seven business days.


Peri is using deadstock fabric to make its face masks, which it still has available in three different colors. Good luck finding a croc-print mask anywhere else!


A 10-pack of Swimspot’s basic black masks will ship in 5 to 7 days.

Swimspot face mask (10-pack)

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Reformation’s 5-pack of face masks are out of stock, but they company says they might ship in a week or two. You can join the waitlist now.

Reformation “L. A. Protects” mask (5-pack) [Waitlist as of 4/6]

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Goodfight promises its mask will ship by April 15th. It also says they for each purchase, they’ll donate one to an L.A. institution in need of personal protection equipment.

Ellie Funday

EllieFunDay’s face masks won’t ship for another two to three weeks. But if you buy one the company will donate another to a local hospital.

Ellie Funday “Spreadlove” mask

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CustomInk’s masks are set to ship April 15th.

CustomInk face mask (12-pack)

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Christine Shirley

Christine Shirley’s owner Paige Sullivan is making masks out of the fabric she has lying around in her Pennsylvania studio. If you have colors you prefer, you can say as much in the order notes, but there aren’t any guarantees. You should be able to get your mask in 10-14 days.

The Oula Company

Oula says its masks will ship in one to two weeks. They feature a random fabric—likely one that’s super colorful.

Whimsey + Row

Whimsey and Row’s face masks are currently out of stock, but you can join the waitlist to be notified when they come back in stock. For each one you buy, the company will donate one to an institution in LA, like Union Rescue Mission.

Whimsey + Row face mask [Waitlist as of 4/6]

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