Vintage Ikea is the Cool New Design Trend

David Pierce, the Los Angeles owner of MIDCENTURYLA, which specializes in furniture of that era and imports Swedish, Danish, and Brazilian styles, among others, has been selling Ikea for 16 years. When he started, he told me, he “debated whether it was smart to reveal” whether a piece was Ikea—but he does so now. Cat Snodgrass, who runs Bi-Rite Studio in Brooklyn, which sells mostly ’70s and ’80s Italian-type furniture, often styles vintage Ikea pieces beside items with more obvious cachet, like a Joe Colombo trolley. The idea, she says, is “to reintroduce Ikea to our customers in a new context.” Vintage Ikea pieces are “consistent: simple, affordable, and completely unpretentious, with a modernist back-to-the-basics approach to design that has a universal appeal.”

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