The Who What Wear 30-Day Work From Home Wardrobe Challenge

If you’re a Who What Wear newsletter subscriber, you’ll have noticed that recently we put out a call out to our readers to email feedback and content requests directly to us. While perusing my inbox chock full of your brilliant ideas, I noticed a common plea to bring back our 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge. For those of you who don’t have the memory of a stylish elephant and may need a refresher on the series last seen in 2017, every season we released a 30-day challenge with fashion “dares” designed to help reinvigorate your wardrobe and tap into new trends and styling ideas. Readers would follow along and try the challenges, thoroughly documenting it all on their social media, and we would share our favorite looks on Who What Wear.

All this to say, we’re back! It’ll be the same, but different. For starters, this time around we’ll be exploring style made for the great indoors. That means outfits you’ll be comfortable in at homehas anyone else become highly allergic to anything even slightly restricting/inconvenient/itchy like me? Some challenges will provide practical ideas to find your new outfit normal or come out of a sweatpants slump, and others are simply meant to spark happiness, especially during this difficult time. I also know most of us are on tighter budgets than usual, so the challenges are meant to be done with items you likely already own. Just in case you are shopping, I kept product recommendations generally on the more affordable end. Also, you don’t have to do each day’s challenge to partake. See what speaks to you, and come in and out as you please. You make the rules here.

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