The Celebrity Guide to the WFH Sweatsuit

Getty Images Justin Bieber You could wear a gray sweatsuit. A baseball cap. Maybe some

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Justin Bieber

You could wear a gray sweatsuit. A baseball cap. Maybe some Converse. Alternatively, you could do what Bieber does, and turn the huble sweatsuit into a Miam-at-4am fantasia. Start with the ultra-magenta color. Add a beanie and some chunky skate shoes. Top it off with a pair of ’90s-inspired blades and a sleazy mustache and you’re good to go.

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Eddie Murphy

Back in the day, Eddie’s preferred suit was read—and made of leather, not cotton. Some things change! He’s now a guy who wears navy, and sweats, and takes a stroll to pick up coffee (and a treat!) while wearing a driver’s cap. Some things do not change. Eddie Murphy circa Delirious was among the baddest men on the planet. Eddie Murphy circa this photo is, too.

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Jennifer Lopez

Jenny From the Block, seen here back when we were allowed to stand next to people while On the Block, has mastered the fine art of sweatsuit fit. Big is good. Baggy is better. Enormous, and tucked into a pair of gnarly boots, is best. Unsurprisingly, it’s only the best for J-Lo.

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Spike Lee

Spike’s preferred courtside uniform usually skews a bit more athletic: a Latrell Sprewell jersey, or maybe a Charles Oakley, or an Allan Houston—the one where the third color is black, for some reason. Sometimes there is a beanie; often, there is a piece of three of oversized jewelry; always, he looks incredible. Think of this, then, as the minimalist’s version of maximalism. It takes guts to wear an all-gray sweatsuit when your feet are on the floor.

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Missy Elliott

Ladies and gentlemen, your sweatsuit queen. And king. And emperor, empress, duchess—whatever royal athleisure title you have, Missy gets it. That’s what happens when Adidas gives you your own line, and when you flex on every last red carpet in the best cotton-poly blends known to man. This is how you flip it and reverse it.

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