The 10 Biggest Fits of the Week

We’re hitting pause on our weekly best-dressed men of the week list and instead bringing you some commendable stay-at-home fits we spotted over the past seven days. Whether self-isolation is bringing out your minimalist side or your wildest fashion instincts, we’re all in this—and our sweatpants—together.

David Beckham

We would give anything to walk a mile in David Beckham’s shoes. And the jacket too.


An advanced quarantine fit challenge: Match your coffee mug to your leather pants.

Steve Lacy

In jeans and a floral shirt, Steve Lacy cuts the ribbon on casual backyard dinner season.

Matthew Williams

The perks of being Alyx designer Matthew Williams: early access to his new collab with Stussy.

Luke Edward Hall

We also miss sitting at restaurants, mask-free in suits and loafers.

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is marking the passage of time with a dye job you can see for miles. Wise.

Joe Keery

Turns out everything you need to know about wearing loafers, you can learn from Joe Keery.

Anderson .Paak

Another week, another massive but appropriately comfortable look from Anderson .Paak.

Nick Young

Best driveway fit yet!

Lucky Blue Smith

A gingham work shirt over a ribbed tank. Now there’s something to re-create.

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