Todd Snyder Sale: 39 Massive Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss

Todd Snyder has spent his whole career decoding good style for regular guys—and right now, his wardrobe-boosting wares are even more accessible than usual. Starting today, entering WFH20SALE at checkout gets you an additional 20% off everything in the Todd Snyder sale section, which is fully loaded with weekend-ready sweats, game-raising office attire, and all other manner of reliable menswear staples. The code expires on April 10, so act fast and load up that cart while these deals are still kickin’ in the Todd Snyder sale section.

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My Mom Wore These 9 Trends in the '80s, and Now I Do Too

My mom and her friend wearing Laura Ashley dresses to a wedding in 1984.

Not too long ago, Urban Outfitters came out with its collaboration with iconic ’80s brand Laura Ashley. I’ll be completely honest, it wasn’t until I showed the pieces to my mom and aunt that I realized just how iconic the brand was—especially to my mom and her stylish group of friends. Immediately my mom showed me the photo above of her and one of her best friends wearing Laura Ashley dresses to a wedding in 1984. How did I respond? By looking up Laura Ashley dresses on Etsy and ordering one for myself, of course. 

The F/W 18 runways proved the ’80s are back, and if the return of the decade is anything like the ’90s have been this past year, the resurgence of trends from this time are only just starting to … Read More

How to Air-Dry Your Hair, According to Your Natural Texture

Regardless of your hair type—coily, thick and wavy, fine and short—mastering the art of the perfect air-dry is, in fact, an art. Sure, blow-dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can throw plenty of arm-breaking curveballs your way, but mastering the au naturel, step-out-of-the-shower-and-go aesthetic is an intimidating beast in and of itself. With so many potential variables like climate, products, application timing, and hair texture, things can go awry quickly, and there definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all prescription.

Air-drying your hair with celeb-level finesse can be a total crapshoot, but we’re here to change that. Enter a course in Expert Air-Drying 101, courtesy of one of the best hairstylists in the industry, Cynthia Alvarez

Working with clients with a wide variety of lengths and textures (her regulars include Shakira, Maye Musk, and Dascha Polanco), Alvarez knows a thing or two about styling every kind of strand situation—with or without tools

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The Celebrity Guide to the WFH Sweatsuit

Getty Images

Justin Bieber

You could wear a gray sweatsuit. A baseball cap. Maybe some Converse. Alternatively, you could do what Bieber does, and turn the huble sweatsuit into a Miam-at-4am fantasia. Start with the ultra-magenta color. Add a beanie and some chunky skate shoes. Top it off with a pair of ’90s-inspired blades and a sleazy mustache and you’re good to go.

Getty Images

Eddie Murphy

Back in the day, Eddie’s preferred suit was read—and made of leather, not cotton. Some things change! He’s now a guy who wears navy, and sweats, and takes a stroll to pick up coffee (and a treat!) while wearing a driver’s cap. Some things do not change. Eddie Murphy circa Delirious was among the baddest men on the planet. Eddie Murphy circa this photo is, too.

Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny From the Block, seen here back when we were allowed to stand

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8 Outdated Jewelry Trends—and What to Buy Instead

In order to welcome something new into your closet, you often have to say goodbye to something else. This is an easy sentiment to remember when it comes to clothing, but as far as jewelry is concerned, we often turn a blind eye. Since your jewelry (no matter how you store it) takes up significantly less space than a coat or a pair of jeans, the buildup of excess and outdated pieces can easily go unnoticed. Spring-cleaning involves all areas of your wardrobe, including jewelry—fine, costume, and everything in between. 

Here to help us decide what to clean out and what to keep from our jewelry drawers this season are a handful of the industry’s most well-respected jewelry designers. Their quotes are strictly from an industry standpoint—what they have been seeing in the market and what their customers have been spending on. That being said, we are also huge proponents

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This Revealing Lace-Up Trend Is About to Take Over

No, seriously—whether you’re ready or not, this micro-trend is swiftly marking its territory as one of the hottest styles to try this spring and summer season. The trend we speak of is better seen than described, but if we had to try it’s basically any article of clothing that slinkily ties and wraps around a bare midriff. These wraparound ties can be connected to a top, skirt, or even swimwear, which we’re anticipating seeing a lot more of come summer 2020.

This trend was unsurprisingly very prevalent in the ’90s (which you can see via the Prada F/W 92 runway image below) when skin-baring silhouettes were pretty much all anyone cared about. As we encroach on warmer weather, we’re predicting that this micro-trend is about to make it big once again in this decade. Influencers have already started wearing it and retailers are already hopping on board. If you ask

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