Kemba Walker Inadvertently Wears Far-Right Symbol Before Play-In Game

Everything in the NBA builds to the playoffs. Coaches have retooled lineups and experimented with schemes, while players have plugged holes in their games. Stylists, too, have prepared, coordinating with brands and poring over online shopping sites to get the fits just right. That’s real: stylists and players save their strongest stuff for the nights they’ll be on national TV. And last night, as his Boston Celtics geared up to take on the Washington Wizards in the NBA’s first-ever play-in tournament, Kemba Walker was dialed in: a lemon-lime color scheme flowed from head to toe, with matching green-and-yellow hat, shirt, and sneakers. One unfortunate snag: Walker’s outfit was giving off some unintentionally dark signals.

On the back of his jacket was a coiled hissing snake above the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me”—also known as the Gadsden flag, a Revolutionary War-era symbol that’s since been co-opted by gun-rights activists, white supremacists,

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Buckle Up for a Wild Shoe Summer

Even before the pandemic came crashing down on the world, menswear was already letting its freak flag fly. Outlandish sneakers paved the way, and dress loafers soon followed suit. Pants absolutely freaked it, and then actual suits did the same. The goal for fashion-forward dudes, it seemed, was to get within striking distance of today’s most adventurous dressers, like Lakeith Stanfield or Harry Styles. Which is to say, weird and sharp and exhilarating all at once.

Then the pandemic came, and the wild fashion took a backseat as fleece-made clothes and cozy loungewear reigned supreme. But one area of the closet remained pretty fantastic: footwear. The most covetable kicks of the past year read like the fever dream of unexpected footwear styles, from high-style water shoes to far-out mules and more. If you wondered of a chance that things would mellow out this summer, Our Legacy and Sunnei are

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Seth Rogen Will Convince You to Buy a Velvet Suit

Kevin Mazur/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards

Seth Rogen

It’s a good time to be Seth Rogen. Our guy has a just-launched weed business, and a soon-to-release book, a lovely sideline in ceramics—and, y’know, that thriving Hollywood career. He’s also got one (1) brand-new velvet suit, which he broke out for this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards. And what better look could there be to ease your way back into semi-formal awards show style? Velvet is cozy. Chelsea boots slip right on. That blaze pink button down reminds people you’re not stuffy (as if the Austin Powers-grade suit didn’t make that clear). In sum: an expertly executed awards show suit, and at a time when proper red-carpet where remains a wide-open question. Whether it’s ceramics or high-end cardigans or swinging ’60s suits, Rogen is proving that you underestimate his enormous taste at your peril.

Stephen Gosling

Russell Westbrook

The NBA’s

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The Brooklyn Vintage Emporium Where All Your Denim Dreams Come True

Like snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or dropping acid for the first time, diving headfirst into the dizzingly vast world of vintage clothing can be a little intimidating. It helps to have a knowledgable sherpa to keep you steady and pointed in the right direction. And as far as we’re concerned, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better vintage guru than Raggedy Threads founder Jaime Wong. 

More than two decades ago, Wong got her start flipping throwback grails at L.A.’s legendary Rose Bowl Flea Market, before opening her own standalone shop in Downtown Los Angeles in 2002. In 2016, she cut the ribbon on a second Raggedy Threads outpost in Williamsburg, and it’s been a beloved fixture in the neighborhood ever since—brimming with all the mouthwatering shredded denim, perfectly faded sweatshirts, and pristine souvenir jackets you could ever want. 

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Cardi B Makes a Strong Case for Stealing Your Girlfriend’s Watch

This week, Cardi B wore a watch that we can only describe as a true “WAP.” You know: Wow, Amazing, Patek! Cardi wore a version of Patek Philippe’s World Time, which tracks the time in every one of the world’s time zones, released in an edition of 75 back in 2017. Along with folks like Rihanna and Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi is leading the charge for women who love watches. The Instagram page Dimepiece is dedicated to the growing number of women collectors, there when Mary-Kate Olsen wears her Rolex Day Date, the Hadids go shopping for an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, or when Nicki Minaj shows off a super-rare Richard Mille. And as more women embrace watches, more executives are sitting up and paying attention. The result is a move away from gendering watches and more women-focused marketing, according to a recent Business of Fashion report. Of

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