How Post-Imperial Became Fashion’s Ego-Free Brand to Know

The fashion industry is built on a mountain of lies that we go along with in order to enjoy its spoils. One of the most impenetrable, though, is the insistence that every collection—every garment, even—emerges from the mind of one designer. In reality, it’s a team of stylists, pattern makers, fabric cutters, dyers, seamstresses, consultants, tailors, and even marketers who are responsible for everything you see on a runway or in any luxury men’s store.

Post-Imperial, the Nigerian menswear label started by Niyi Okyboyejo in 2012, doesn’t aim to totally blow up that godhead designer myth. But Okyboyejo is definitely interested in opening it up. Whereas many designers insist on a narrative for their collections that creates a tight sense of control, he insteads prefers to think in terms of mythology. Narrative, he says, “is egocentric. “It’s you wanting to grab some sort of power, you wanting to tell the

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The 15 Most Important Fashion Shows of 2020

To make the understatement of the century: this year in fashion was like no other. But philosophizing about what 2020 means for “the future of fashion” is less interesting than simply looking at fashion’s weird, beautiful, chaotic present. The first two months of the year brought the normal stampede of global fashion shows, and then the world stopped—and designers with it, in some cases. The ongoing pandemic and protests of the summer gave birth to digital fashion week, a strange and dystopian experiment that nonetheless brought some joy, lots of pretension, and some pretty fantastic clothes.

It’s perhaps an impossible task to say which fashion shows were the best or most important. But because trouble is fun, I decided to rank them—admittedly this is a moronically subjective exercise, and very likely I’ve missed many people’s favorites. But in a year when the fashion industry convulsed into a funhouse mirror image

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Happy Holidays: Two Beloved Nike Air Max Sneakers Are Back

The Nike Air Max series has consistently put out some of the most sought-after and game-changing sneakers in the game. Hell, the Swoosh even invented a holiday for the shoe line. But you don’t have to wait that long to get your hands on some perfect Air Maxes. Because this month marks the return of not one but two extremely beloved Air Max sneakers: a cult-loved colorway of the Air Max 97 and a duo of collaborative Air Max 95s.

The Air Max 95 made its debut more than 25 years ago, and still stands today as an iconic piece of footwear—and this vintage colorway brings the legend back to life. It was designed by Sergio Lozano, then a relatively new Nike designer focusing on the brand’s ACG sub-label. The shoe was initially imagined for the most powerful runners who really pounded the pavement and needed more cushioning than previous

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Wore a Freakishly Good Watch to Sign His Record-Setting Contract

Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we’ll track the rarest, wildest, and most covetable watches spotted on celebrities.

Giannis Antetokounmpo seems to be much more comfortable with a pair of rubber bracelets around his wrists than a watch. Since I started writing this column in April of last year, I’ve seen the back-to-back MVP wear exactly one watch: a Rolex Oyster Perpetual. It’s important to note that the Oyster Perpetual is Rolex’s very entry-level model—a piece befitting a manager with a bonus check to burn, not a two-time MVP. But there Antetokounmpo was, wearing his to the 2019 NBA Awards ceremony. The choice of wristwear aligned with everything we know about the famously frugal Greek Freak. Remember when he went gaga over a refrigerator of free water bottles in the NBA bubble, lugging a trash bag full of them back to his room? It felt like neither

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Blondey McCoy Reveals the Secret to His Success

All things considered, Blondey McCoy has had a pretty cute 12 months. He’s a new dad, he relaunched his freaky-preppy clothing brand, Thames, last winter, and he made one of the weirdest-coolest shoes in the world, a clear Adidas Superstar. (The better to see his legendary sock game, my dear!)

Now, McCoy is back with another Adidas Superstar—this one in an adorable baby blue, with spicy red laces and black accents. But instead of dropping it online like some normie, he’s raffling off all the pairs on the Thames site. “I just don’t want people who really want them to have to pay an inflated price for them because a robot beat them to the checkout,” he told GQ by email. Very paternal of him! After gazing longingly at the shoes, we spoke with McCoy about what socks he’d pair with these bad boys, the joys of fatherhood, and

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