‘The Last Dance’: Phil Jackson Has the Best Outfits

As ESPN continues to roll out The Last Dance, GQ staffers will make their cases for the ultra-cool doc’s most stylish moments.

I have not enthusiastically or even voluntarily watched a sports game in over 20 years, but I have religiously kept up with The Last Dance for two reasons. The topic happens to coincide with the short-lived period of my childhood when I became a basketball fan in an attempt to impress my father (don’t worry, this isn’t that kind of essay), while the release happens to coincide with a global pandemic that has kept me, along with the rest of the documentary’s record-setting audience, trapped inside the house with no option but to watch all of television in its entirety. The stars, aligning just so, have provided me with a third reason: Phil Jackson. And, by extension, Phil Jackson’s fits.

My unlikely quarantine obsession took root during

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Supreme’s New Barbour Collab Is as Old-School as Supreme Gets

Supreme and Barbour are teaming up. For its spring-summer collection, the big-time skate brand has tapped the iconic British label for a range of jackets and accessories. Since 1894, the family-owned Barbour has made rugged outerwear for everyone from sailors and fishermen to preppy East Coast college students—a wide range, to be sure, but a world away from the hype-heavy realm of streetwear. The only thing that could make the Barbour’s gear more covetable is Supreme’s magic touch—and that is precisely what you’re getting with this collaboration.

Courtesy of Supreme

Some of Barbour’s most recognizable garments are the brand’s waxed cotton jackets—the Bedale model being perhaps the most iconic. Designed in the 1980s, the jacket has long since become a staple in Barbour’s season-to-season offerings. Fast forward a few decades, and the rugged-looking style is as beloved today as way back when. Accordingly, Supreme has worked with the British brand

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Your Mask Is Now Your Political Identity

Has any garment in history ever been through so much, and so quickly, as the mask?

In early March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were assuring American citizens that a mask worn in public could do little to halt the spread of coronavirus, and that Food and Drug Administration-approved face coverings, like the coveted N95 respirator and standard surgical-grade masks, should be reserved for medical workers. Still, masks remained a scarce commodity—so much so that fashion designers stumbled into making them to combat the shortage, becoming unlikely heroes of the moment.

Then, just over a month ago, the White House, acting on the advice of a Centers for Disease Control memo, reversed its position and announced that cloth masks, or face coverings of some kind, were indeed effective prevention against the spread of coronavirus—although, as President Donald Trump emphasized in almost the same breath, “it is

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GQ Best Stuff Box Spring 2020: The Latest Box Is Here With All the Self-Care Goods

Here’s how the GQ Best Stuff Box works: Subscribe ($50 per box or $190 per year to get all four seasonal boxes), and every three months you get a haul of our favorite things, from grooming products and accessories to gadgets.

Earlier this year, we set out to build our Summer 2020 Best Stuff Box around, let’s face it, the season’s biggest concern: looking good at the beach. The crew at Bather—an eight-person team in Canada making some of the best trunks in the game—helped us sort out the style side of the equation. We also assembled an all-star skincare package with the help of luxe, GQ-loved brands. Then the world as we know it changed.

But we’re staying optimistic: Sooner or later, we’ll head to the beach with friends or find a long weekend to get away. This Box is here for when that day comes. In the meantime,

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How ‘Apollo 13’ Helped Omega Blast Off

Broer doesn’t credit Clooney with turning the gold Speedmaster’s fortunes around, but he says more collectors are looking for these pieces now. “The gold ones are underrated,” he says. And because a gold Speedmasters can often be found for the same price as vintage steel versions, collectors are starting to give them a second look.

Keith Hamshere
Courtesy of Omega

Pierce Brosnan’s Omega Seamaster Diver 300M in Tomorrow Never Dies

Although James Bond has worn Seiko, Breitling, and Tag Heuer over the decades, the argument that rages on in the watch community is whether he is at heart a Rolex or Omega man. Sean Connery wore a Rolex as the first onscreen James Bond, but for the past 25 years 007 has worn Omega. In 1995, the international secret agent started wearing the brand’s new Seamaster model. “[The Seamaster Diver] wasn’t based on anything from their past, their archives, or

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