This Is Justin Bieber’s “Popstar” Watch

In the new video for Drake and DJ Khaled’s “Popstar” single, Justin Bieber gives an Oscar-winning performance. On the track, Drake suggests that songs usually don’t get this big without a “Bieber face,” so he enlisted his fellow Canadian to stand in for him in the video. Bieber parades out in full matching Versace sets, Louis Vuitton pants, and an ‘80s-glam blue shearling coat. He’s dripping in chains. Naturally, he’s wearing a killer watch, too. He is in full pop star mode.

But within this glamorous fantasy world, the watch is a surprisingly subtle choice. There are a lot of pieces you think of when you imagine a pop star—Bieber and Drake own practically all of them—but the relatively humble Rolex Datejust worn here isn’t necessarily in that category. Although if the job of someone like Bieber is to take raw materials—whether that’s lyrics, choreography, or entry-level timepieces—and

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This Advanced New Balance Sneaker Is Actually Three Shoes in One

The boom of hype-worthy hiking sneakers shows no signs of slowing down. It might even be speeding up. Just look at this triple collaboration between New Balance, Snow Peak, and Tokyo Design Studio. It sounds like an unlikely team on the surface—a sneaker label, an outdoor equipment company, and a small design shop?—but the three brands have produced a knockout pair of kicks that is sure to woo sneakerheads and outdoors folks in equal measure.

This particular style is an entirely new concept. It features the sole from one of New Balance’s most popular trail-running shoes (the MT801), but that’s where the normal stuff stops. With a little tweaking, the shoe can be transformed into three different footwear options. Think of it as the Optimus Prime of high-performance sneakers. First, a lightweight mule bootie is made for indoor use, with a cozy and flexible upper with a pull tab, so

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13 Best Men’s Dress Socks at Any Budget

Shopping for the best men’s dress socks at a time like this—when you probably don’t have an office to go to everyday, or weddings to attend, or anything else on the calendar worth getting dressed up for—might not be high on your priority list. These days, though, the best men’s dress socks are actually simply the best men’s socks, period. They’re no longer made of skimpy, itchy fabrics that’ll fall down around your ankles and tear at the heels after a heavy day of walking. Instead, today’s best dress socks have all the high-quality, supersoft goodness of fresh hotel linens. They’re engineered to feel as cushiony as your sport socks and stay up on your calves all day without suffocating them completely. They just plain feel good on your feet, whether you’re throwing on loafers on your way out the door or just padding around the house in slippers.

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Travis Scott x McDonald’s: How a Burger Order Becomes a Grail

“And my Sprite,” action-figure Travis Scott says cheerily in a commercial for his new McDonald’s meal. “It’s lit!” Those five words alone seem to encapsulate the power of Scott and his ability to run any brand through his filter to help people see it in a new, more generous light. The rapper’s pyrotechnic ad libs are so covetable that they’ve wound up in Fortnite, soundtracking Tenet, applied to a box of Reese’s Puffs, shooting the value of a pair of Jordans into the four figures, and turning a lemon-lime soda into his Sprite. (It’s lit!)

And in Travis Scott’s hands, his seemingly straightforward McDonald’s order—a quarter pounder burger with bacon and shredded lettuce, fries with BBQ sauce, and that Sprite—is an “unprecedented collaborative partnership across food, fashion, and community efforts,” according to a press release. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the meal is already a hit. “Yesterday, wow, we sold

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Fall Clothes for Men: 37 Wardrobe Essentials Every Guy Needs to Get Fully Prepared for the Season

Layers. Remember those? You used to wear ‘em way back when, before circumstances dictated that your wardrobe become nothing but shorts and tanks and slides, lest you wish to sweat yourself into an early grave? Well, it’s finally time to get acquainted with them once again. Fall is upon us, bringing with it all the hardy and thoughtful combinations your fits have likely lacked of late. To get you back up to speed, here’s a whole whack of GQ-approved fall clothes for men—from splashy outerwear to sturdy boots—worth copping on the double.

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The New Tribalism of American Fashion

So what’s going on with New York Fashion Week? The schedule released by the Council of Fashion Designers of America last week tells a bit of a sad story: a number of the usual must-see menswear designers, like Pyer Moss, Telfar, John Elliott, and Ralph Lauren, are not staging shows. And those who are on the agenda—Tom Ford, Collina Strada, Eckhaus Latta, etc—are mostly planning to do “digital activations,” one of those would-be forward-thinking concepts that American fashion has circled for years without really executing in an exciting way. Going by that schedule alone, you might feel a little sad for old New York, which people on LinkedIn say is dead. Is the city’s fashion—or even fashion itself—on life support, too?

No! Contrary to what that calendar may suggest, many of New York’s best emerging or independent brands are excited about the future of the city’s fashion scene, which,

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