How the Attack on the Capitol Happened, From Planning to Siege to Arrests

Wednesday’s attack on the US Capitol is already one of the most unforgettable events in American history. The Capitol building was last breached when British forces invaded during the War of 1812. 209 years later, a mob of insurrectionists attacked the building at the behest of none other than the sitting, but on-the-way-out, US president Donald Trump.

Trump called the mob to the Capitol building to thwart the certification of Biden’s election victory through tweets dating back to late December. What followed was a nearly unprecedented attack on Senators, members of Congress, Capitol police, and journalists attempting to document the scene. Details continue to emerge in press reports and on social media. In an attempt to corral the events of this day, GQ presents this summary of the events leading up to the attack, what happened on January 6th, and the fallout since.

The Call to Action

Despite Washington

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Justin Theroux Can’t Stop Wearing Next-Level Outerwear

Come wintertime, there’s basically one key to nailing a Big Fit: wearing a great coat. It’s the garment that has the power to transform any outfit from ordinary to the next level. That could mean a wildly stylish puffer or a head-turning topcoat, or maybe even a chore jacket if you live somewhere where winter isn’t that bad. But it is all about the coat. Justin Theroux knows this. This week, the actor was spotted in New York on an absolute tear, coats-wise, breaking out two excellent (and wildly different) pieces of outerwear.

First up is a beige quilted jacket that you can be forgiven for having missed. That’s because Theroux was wearing it while walking around with a quite sizable woven basket, and a rather tiny beanie. (Great fashion is all about scale, remember?) Humongous basket aside, the jacket itself looks to be from the cult-loved

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No, Ryder Ripps Didn’t Do the CIA Redesign

First things first: despite his assertions to the contrary, rapscallion artist Ryder Ripps is not responsible for the Central Intelligence Agency’s much-talked-about digital rebrand, revealed on Monday. A spokesperson for the organization told GQ in crisp, bureaucratic prose that, “As CIA’s new website states, we’re looking for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to work at CIA, but this individual had absolutely nothing to do with our website redesign.”

Still, in these crazy, mixed up times, it can be hard to tell up from down, down from up, alt-right from alt-wrong, prankster from hard-working genius.

And so, when Ripps added the new CIA logo to his Instagram portfolio in a post he deleted but added again the next day, the idea almost seemed to add up, somehow. After all, Ripps is the controversial post-internet artist who has designed (legit) websites for Ryan Trecartin and Soylent; who has a

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Best Hair Cream for Men: The Best Lightweight Hair Creams for Natural Style

Whether or not you have a favorite pomade, gel, clay, or paste, we believe that every guy’s lineup should also include some of the best hair cream for men. A super lightweight, you-can-barely-tell-it’s-there styler. Why? Because many (most?) hairstyles don’t require heavier high-hold products. Because sometimes you just need some light follicular coating and not a full-on shellacking.

These lightweight hair creams are a lot like leave-in conditioners, but with the lightest touch of shine and sculptability. They’ll accentuate and control curls without compromising volume. They’ll tame the unruly long hairs that stray from the flock. They provide direction and definition but never leave it feeling firm or crusty. And if you’ve got thinning hair, some products can texturize without suffocating or weighing it down, and the best hair cream for men is also often packed with nourishing, fortifying ingredients. If you aren’t sure where to start, then

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Travis Scott Got the Sex Watch

Some people are said to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others put all their most obscene desires on their wrist. That latter camp includes Drake: Remember when the rapper wore Richard Mille’s “Erotic” watch to an NBA Finals game in 2019? That piece, known as reference—and this is not a joke—RM 69, functions not unlike a horny Mad Libs: The pusher on the side activates the three bars on the dial to flip until it generates a random prurient phrase. And the small club of owners now includes rapper and McDonald’s collaborator Travis Scott. This morning, Scott posted a picture of himself wearing the watch, with its bleepers set to the ever-subtle “Let Me Explore Your Pussy.”

The RM 69 is not unlike a comet: appearing once or twice a lifetime in unforgettable fashion. I haven’t seen it in the wild since Drake took it for a spin,

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Our New Year’s Style Resolutions

Buy only vintage. This really isn’t a resolution, though, because it doesn’t really involve any kind of sacrifice. We are living in a new golden age of vintage. So this is sort of like saying, I resolve to enjoy life more!!!, which makes me feel like a tech CEO in 1999, but whatever! — Rachel Tashjian

Wear jewelry. I have plenty of clothes. The fact that I own not one, but three of the same white button down makes this pretty clear. What I do not have enough of, however, is jewelry. This year, I resolve to drape myself in necklaces with iridescent pendants, stack thin metal bands on my finger, and maybe, just maybe, purchase an anklet. 2021 is going to be my year. — Daniel Varghese

Freak it. Life is short and societal stability is a mirage. In 2021 we’re making every fit count! We’re dressing with purpose!

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