Best Whitening Strips 2020 | The 10 Best Teeth-Whitening Products

If you’re searching for the best whitening strips or otherwise looking to get whiter teeth, we’ve got you. Because no matter how thorough your basic brushing and flossing regimen is, that alone won’t get you pearly white teeth. It’d be a hell of a lot easier if things like coffee, tea, red wine, dark cola, and tomato sauce weren’t staining the teeth every day, but alas. None of us is going to give up any of those, so instead we’ve got to pick up a consistent teeth-whitening program if we want a brighter smile.

Whitening the teeth is something that can be done in short, targeted sessions, and discoloration can be abetted by incorporating specific anti-staining products into your existing oral-care regimen. The biggest step of proactively whitening the teeth is something that some people will only do with a dentist, since it involves removing enamel, exposing the tiny pores

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Everyone Wants Steve Kornacki’s Extremely Normal Khakis

NBC News and MSNBC correspondent Steve Kornacki has officially ascended to that hallowed level of fame: style influencer. The Diet Coke-guzzling election analyst emerged as a star on election night, dispensing takes over a shockingly long period of time in what appeared to be the same khakis-and-tie outfit. A grateful nation watched with joy—and perhaps a little bit of pants envy. The Gap khakis he copped to owning multiple pairs of on-air Wednesday are now experiencing a surge in sales.

A Gap spokesperson told the Today show that Kornacki’s devotion to the pants led to a “dramatic increase in online traffic and within a day, we saw around 90% unit sale increase online.” The specific pair of pants are Gap’s modern khakis (either straight or slim fit) in Palomino brown, according to the Strategist.

Kornacki’s wardrobe choice is a win for the enduring appeal and comfort of khakis. I

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Style Icon Prince Charles Releases a Sustainable Clothing Collection

Earlier this year, photographs began circulating suggesting that His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne, wears just two coats—and has done so since approximately 1988. The idea was almost too much to bear. One of the global faces of privilege and power, a man with access to the best tailors in the world and a great amount of money to throw at them, has apparently survived for nearly three decades with only two pieces of outerwear: a camel-hair coat, and a tweed coat from Anderson & Sheppard. Both are double-breasted with peak lapels. They go with everything—even high-visibility vests.

While it’s the women of the royal family that tend to grab fashion headlines, this outerwear rotation told us something about Prince Charles’s values, whose lifelong passions include gardening, organic farming, and environmentally conscious urban planning. Sustainable fashion isn’t simply about materials; it

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Sylvester Stallone’s Surprisingly Historic Watches Are Coming to Auction

Sylvester Stallone may be most famous to the general public for blasting bazookas and KO-ing muscular Russians, but the actor is also a legend in the more elegant world of watch collecting. In fact, Stallone is likely one of the most important watch collectors of the last several decades, credited with boosting previously lesser-known brands like Panerai and Richard Mille while ushering in an era of giant watches that lingers to this day. Like his on-screen persona, the actor’s watches are massive in proportion, come with camo designs, and are about as subtle as a grenade. Now, five important watches from Stallone’s collection are coming to auction at Phillips this December.

The first and most important watch to discuss is the Panerai Luminor that Stallone wore in the 1996 movie Daylight. Before Stallone walked into a Panerai boutique in Italy while filming Daylight, the brand was almost a

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JJJJound and Eddie Bauer Team Up for the Platonic Winter Layer

If Virgil Abloh’s design approach follows what he calls the 3% Rule—instead of changing something wholesale, tweak something existing just a touch—you could say that Justin Saunders follows the 1% rule. And, occasionally, the please-don’t-touch-anything-at-all rule.

Saunders is the brain behind moodboard-turned-design agency JJJJound, and in recent years his barely-nudged takes on classic objects have become reliable hits. Gray New Balances, white-and-beige Reeboks, and green Vans look less like special-edition sneakers than versions that should have been released years ago, and a collaboration with the legendary minimalists at A.P.C. prompted founder Jean Touitou to describe Saunders as “driven by a search for perfection that is almost impossible to attain.”

The guy is deeply discriminating when it comes to objects, and now he’s got a new one: Eddie Bauer’s Canadian Vest. The Seattle “expedition outfitter” made the down-filled piece for more than 40 years before discontinuing it, and

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The 10 Best-Dressed Men of the Week

Whether 2020 is bringing out your minimalist side or your wildest fashion instincts, we’re all in this—and our face masks—together.

Snoop Dogg

What better way to start an Election Week Big Fits than with a rhinestoned-out Snoop?

Justin Bieber

We’re pretty sure this hoodie is white, not pink—but let’s just pretend, for a little bit, that Justin Bieber is rocking a dusty-pink sweatshirt.

Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Dayan in New York, November 02, 2020.Jose Perez / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Ewan McGregor

This is, technically, not Ewan’s own fit—he’s in costume to play the designer Halston. But the dude (seen here with Rebecca Dayan) looks too good to ignore.

Jerry Lorenzo

The Fear of God designer puts his own spin on some Kamala merch.

Mark Ruffalo

The sequel to Spotlight will be about where Ruffalo bought these glasses.

Jason Momoa

Serious accessories: a slick bandana, a…lapel pin?, and the

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