Here’s to Brad Pitt, Unlikely Ski Style Icon

Right about now is when ski season would typically end. But there’s nothing typical about right now—along with just about everything else, the slopes have been shuttered since March. So we figured that we’d take the Big Fit of the Day out for a nice powder session, and check in with the celebrities who turned ski style into a genuine statement.

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Brad Pitt

What more is there to say? Shouts out to a young king skiing in jeans. Bonus points for the graphic tee, the stud in the left ear, and just an insane head of hair. this kid’s going places!

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JB Smoove

Our photo research shows the Curb Your Enthusiasm star to be an, uh, enthusiastic attendee of an annual celebrity ski bash in Deer Valley, Utah—and he’s got the kind of snow plow technique you only learn at the finest of ski schools.

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“I Put on Clothes to Reminisce”: An Interview With the NBA Quarantine Fits Champ Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

GQ: How are you holding up?Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: It’s difficult. I’m just putting a pause on everything. But I work out when I can, as much as I can. Obviously [I have] limited resources: I have dumbbells and I do exercises in the house, and then I hoop outside on the net in front of my driveway. I haven’t hooped outside in a couple of years, but you got to get it now. Besides that, I put on clothes to reminisce and take pictures. That’s about it

What are you doing besides working out? I saw you joined TikTok as well.
Oh, right. TikTok dances—another talent of mine. I’m a really talented guy, if you haven’t noticed.

If the basketball thing doesn’t work out, TikTok sensation is next.

I heard you’ve been working out with trainers over Zoom, too. What’s the experience there been like?
It’s been cool.

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The Story Behind Kanye’s Latest Style Obsession

And as Weston notes, Kanye’s affinity for Dunhill is a sign that what the brand is doing is working. Dunhill was founded in London in 1893, and became known for its luxury motoring accessories and, later, tobacco products and classic tailoring. Its identity is deeply, almost psychotically British. When Sean Connery introduces himself as “Bond, James Bond,” in “Dr. No,” his lips wrapped around a cigarette, he’s lighting up with a Dunhill lighter.

Dunhill creative director Mark Weston

The Richemont-owned brand began to shake its tweedy, Jaguar-driving associations in 2008, when a young designer named Kim Jones joined as its first creative director, establishing the label’s fashion ambitions before leaving three years later for Louis Vuitton. After a revolving door of designers failed to leave a mark, Weston landed at Dunhill in 2017 from Burberry, where he had spent nine years working under the beloved Christopher Bailey.

Some creative director

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Kanye West on His Next Album, Designing Yeezy, and Kobe Bryant

The next morning at the Ritz hotel, over smoked salmon and eggs with coffee and grapefruit juice—and continuing in a chauffeured Maybach to Rick Owens’s showroom at the Palais de Tokyo, where we meet up with Kim Kardashian West and Owens’s wife, Michèle Lamy—West is a reflective combination of mellow and elated.

How are you feeling after your fashion show last night? Afterward, everyone was talking about North’s performance. Or about the coronavirus.
I’m just proud of my daughter. It felt—one conversation is about the end of the world. The next conversation is about the beginning. Really, that’s how it is out here! Two days ago, I sat there in the atelier [in Calabasas] as we all talked about the virus, and just thought: If we were to not be here anymore, all I can think is, What a wonderful life it is. You think about those movies where the

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8 Best Coffee Makers 2020: For Mornings When You Just Can’t Even

The irony of making great coffee is that most of us need to have had a cup before being capable of operating even the simplest, most intuitive, best coffee makers. And even if you can muster the early-morning brain power, unless you relish the process of grinding beans, weighing beans, boiling water, not messing up the water temperature, preparing a filter, and cleaning up after yourself, whatever you have at home is going to lose out to handing $3 to a barista (under normal, non-socially-distanced circumstances, that is). But these days even the most ardent buy-over-brew coffee lovers are forced to become masters of at-home coffee making, even if they’re perfectly content with Folgers, pods, or anything that only kinda resembles coffee.

If you are someone who typically spends way too much money at coffee shops, but doesn’t like any form of instant coffee—totally get it, it’s gross—you might have

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GQ’s Stylish Friends Sent Us Their Big Fits From Home

It was impossible to see this tragedy coming, and so quickly, but the rosy goggles of hindsight suggest that men’s fashion has been conspiring toward a certain kind of reckoning. Look at the post-apocalyptic sensibility of Errolson Hughes’s Acronym and the young French upstart Marine Serre. Or designers like Virgil Abloh and Demna Gvasalia, who packed the sweatsuit, the premiere working-from-home uniform, with as much semiotic chutzpah and design rigor as the tailored suit. The Fall 2020 collections of Loewe, Dries Van Noten, and Rick Owens, shown in Europe this past January, were celebrations of the act and art of dressing up, of fashion as a performance. Anything can become an occasion if you have the right outfit—even the act of putting on outfits itself!

Enter the new era of homebound style. Since mid-March, as millions of people in the United States, and countless others around the world, have been

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