Another Year, Another Great Barack Obama Jacket

He’s no Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. But, in his post-presidential life, Barack Obama has been committed to articulating a sense of personal style that makes one wonder whether a personal goal of his is convincing America that he is—and was—the first cool president of the modern era. If Obama had stuck to the boxy blazers that once defined his public image, well, nobody would have cared. This is America after all, where on the list of political cardinal sins, looking too fashionable is up there with sleeping with your intern.

Which is perhaps why Obama’s new look has taken shape slowly: over the past few years his pants have become progressively slimmer, his dress shoes have haltingly been swapped for sneakers. (We’ll forgive you the Allbirds for now, sir.) But after an entire presidential administration outside the White House, Obama has clearly unlocked a level of previously untapped

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Black Friday Fashion Deals: 25 Early Menswear Sales to Shop Right Now

We’re still a few short weeks out from the surge of Black Friday fashion deals and tech markdowns—and all the attendant consumerist chaos it brings. But if you’re already in the mood for a little deal-hunting, you’ve got options: retailers across the net have begun stockpiling their sale sections and rolling out some early Black Friday discounts to whet their customers’ appetites for the year’s biggest shopping “holiday.” If you’re on the lookout for a new winter coat or a fresh pair of boots, now might be the time to strike. Here are 21 of the biggest early Black Friday fashion deals available right now, from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Todd Snyder, Levi’s, and more.

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Gucci’s Legendary Loafer Gets Winterized

When it comes to the chilly and harsh weather of winter, a good-looking and hard-wearing boot is a must. You can turn to classics, like the ultra-rugged Blundstone or L.L. Bean’s sturdy-as-it-gets duck boot. (It’s no accident that both shoes have earned GQ’s “Best Stuff” label in recent years.) Or you can go the trendier route. It’s risky—a boot’s meant to last forever—but sometimes, a designer boot comes around that checks all the right boxes for the season. Alessandro Michele and Gucci have delivered just that: a waterproof, warmed-up boot that delivers style—and a bit of cheekiness to boot.

Courtesy of Gucci

Gucci’s “ankle boot” riffs on the brand’s horsebit loafer, perhaps its most iconic footwear style, reimagining it for the winter reason. That means an ankle-high, rubber-molded silhouette with a water-resistant finish. Then come the luxurious details we associate with Gucci footwear: gold- and silver-tone metal horsebit

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After Today’s Chris Paul Trade, There’s a New (Fashion) Superteam in the NBA

Gilgeous-Alexander is the league’s most promising outfit assembler: a young player capable of putting together hyped streetwear pieces with under-the-radar designers and novelty knits. Happy news for the team: much like a player who works on his jump shot over the summer, SGA only got stronger during the NBA’s coronavirus-induced break. Bazley, meanwhile, proved himself a versatile wing in his first year in the league. He’ll wear a double-breasted suit one night and on another shiny leather pants with a vest and nothing underneath—a contender for NBA fit of the season.

In Oubre, the Thunder are adding another breed of dresser. Oubre brings a completely different skillset to the table: the former Sun is known for his punk-rock approach to the NBA tunnel. Instead of the latest designer pieces, Oubre wears leather harnesses, wallet chains, Rolling Stones tees, checkerboard jackets, tiger-striped cardigans,

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Jonah Hill Is Still Having Fun Getting Dressed

Yeah. They let me do exactly what I wanted to do. And this collection, since it takes so long, it was two years ago. It was exactly what I wanted to make two years ago.

What was the initial spark? Where did you want to steer it?

Well, my first release was a Superstar—and because it was going to be the 50th anniversary [of the shoe], they told me that’s what I’d have to release first. So I love my Superstar, but it wasn’t what I chose. Immediately I said, you can’t get basics at these big sportswear companies that are decent. They’re either really tech-y or they have logos and shit all over them. So for me, the Samba’s my favorite silhouette; I want to make a Samba. And then, what I would wear all the time in New York at that time was basketball shorts, Dickies, and puffer

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This Is Joe Biden’s Victory Watch

Presidents have long worn watches, but over the past couple of decades, timepieces have increasingly served as props: ways for presidents and Oval Office hopefuls to telegraph something about their approaches. Bill Clinton and his Ironman Timex wrist monster (theoretically) ingratiated him with the common man. When Mitt Romney ran for president in 2012, he had millions in the bank—and maybe some Pateks in the closet—but he often wore watches from Nixon or Seiko that belied his massive net worth. Donald Trump, who projected the image of a successful businessman who would apply that same acumen to governing, alternated between a gold Rolex and a Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1968 that costs upwards of $25,000. That’s all to say: watches are usually the most obvious kind of symbols. But Joe Biden’s watch is not so easily decoded.

In his first act as president-elect on Saturday night, Biden took the

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