Kevin Durant Is Dunking in Practice, and He’s Wearing Grails to Games

The road to recovery is littered with important milestones. For Kevin Durant, who has largely avoided the spotlight since tearing his Achilles in the NBA Finals last June, those firsts are now coming in rapid succession. For the first time since joining the Brooklyn Nets, Durant went on a road trip with his new team. For the first time, he was seen playing four-on-four and dunking in a video posted by his brother Tony. And he’s rocking the footwear required of a superstar—Travis Scott’s collaborative Air Jordan 1 Low, to be exact—in his first Big Fit of the Day.

There are two ways to remind people of your imminent, league-stomping return: put out a series of season-ticket advertisements crowning yourself the King of New York, or show off your legit seven-foot frame on the bench in an all-black Big Fit. Durant is doing both. Skulking the sidelines in sneakers

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Jet Li Plays an Emperor in ‘Mulan’—and Dresses Like a King in Real Life

Disney’s Mulan premiere was a wellspring of sizable fits—see here, here, and here—but no fit was as large as the one worn by action star Jet Li, who showed up looking healthy and ready to avenge his brother’s death in America while simultaneously falling in love with Aaliyah.

Fit-wise, please note the assortment of interesting buttons, the comfy shoes, and the dark round glasses that suggests he knows the passcode to a prohibition-era speakeasy. In the film, he’s cast as the Chinese emperor who orders that every household must send a male heir to fight in the army, and now here he is looking no less regal. A fit for a king.

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Nike Shoes on Sale: The Swoosh Is Having a Massive Flash Sale You Can’t Afford to Miss

If there’s anything we here at GQ have learned from bringing you the best deals on the internet week in and week out, it’s that not all sales are built equal. And, further, that the very best ones never last long. Nike’s latest banger rings true on both counts. Earlier this morning, the Swoosh dropped an absolute behemoth of a Flash Sale: 30% off hundreds of sneakers, clothes, and accessories, including a ton of already-discounted items, when you enter “POWERUP” at checkout. Only catch? There’s no telling how long these deals will stick around. To save you time and get you into some fresh new kicks as efficiently as possible, we scrolled through and picked out the 22 best deals in the bunch.

All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Pete Davidson’s Watch Has BDE, by Which We Mean…Beautiful Dial Energy

Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we’ll track the rarest, wildest, and most covetable watches spotted on celebrities.

A year and a half ago, during the summer of Pete Davidson and BDE, the comedian was captured by the paparazzi in an outfit I’ll forever associate with that particular wavelength of energy. He’s wearing a cotton-candy pink Thrasher T-shirt and a colorful pair of Bape’s Shark shorts (For too many guys, this used to be the absolute Everest of style). In the picture I’ll think about as I take my dying breaths, Davidson is engaged in a stretch and pushing his pelvis out. In the time since, a lot has changed for Davidson, including his Facebook Relationship Status (it’s complicated), IMDB page (he has two movies coming out this year), and his style. In his new Netflix special Alive From New York, Davidson looks all grown up in

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A Fashion Week Afternoon with Bryanboy, the Last Great Influencer

It’s not just him. “A lot of influencers are freaking out because engagement is so low. The algorithm changes, and then people are moving onto TikTok.” I asked him how he’s been able to adapt continually—his career now seems longer than the tenure of the average designer at a luxury house. “I think you just need to adapt with the times to what you know, to where and how you connect with your audience.”

Now, “I don’t even have time to paint my nails,” and one imagines that his Instagram audience might feel the same way. He’s exploring video, which he thinks “could be something fun to do,” though not TikTok, because “it’s for young people.” (Ok, boomers???)

We went outside to get a car to the Marc Jacobs show. Veronika Heilbrunner, editor-influencer-publisher and wife to Justin O’Shea, joined us. Bryanboy lit a cigarette. “I don’t know,” he said, sounding

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