Bobby Shmurda Picked This Watch for His First Day Out

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Bobby Shmurda’s first 24 hours of prison were a fantasy come to life. Months ago, his pal Quavo drew up the details: “a jet, flooded out with his gang, his family, a couple vibes [read: women] for him,” the Migos member told GQ. That wasn’t all. There was the Dumbo penthouse, a barber on location, a FaceTime call from Meek Mill, and a watch befitting a rap phenom. According to GQ’s Frazier Tharpe, Bobby’s friends brought him a whole buffet of items to choose from, including racks of luxury clothing and a selection of watches. Bobby quickly landed on this Sky-Dweller. There was just one small—err, big—problem: the watch didn’t fit at first, and Bobby joked it was because of all the muscle he put on over the past

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17 Absurdly Good Menswear Deals, All Under $200

There are a lot of sales on right now. Maybe you don’t have all day to scrape the internet to find the best deals. Maybe your computer just doesn’t have the RAM to handle all of the open tabs such a daunting task demands. That’s what we’re here for. Using our discerning eyeballs and collective computing power, we’ve trawled the web’s countless sale sections and triple distilled our browser tabs to provide you only the finest menswear deals out there. This week, all the best deals just so happen to be under $200, from suede loafers to tasty shirt jackets and more. Plus, don’t forget to scope out some of our favorite sitewide sales for even more great discounts.

Huckberry: Up to 50% off outerwear, shoes, outdoor gear, home goods, and more (limited time only)

Uniqlo: Markdowns up to 80% off on outerwear, blazers, sweaters, T-shirts, and more (limited

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Todd Snyder Just Slashed Prices on Their Always Great Champion Sweats

Sound the alarm! Todd Snyder just knocked nearly 30% off a grip of their collaborative Champion sweats. You know the ones we mean: Todd Snyder + Champion’s hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tees consistently rank among our absolute favorites. Their upgraded materials and top-notch construction are so good, they’ll make you question every prior sweat purchase you’ve ever made. Don’t live in the past, pal. Just head to Todd Snyder’s sale section and make up for lost time.

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Andre Walker Has Seen It All, and Still Keeps Looking

Andre Walker is a New York classic—the kind of person who is anywhere anything cool is happening. The Ditmas Park-born fashion designer was a star of New York’s downtown fashion seen in the ’80s and ’90s—his wry collections included styles with names like “Boring wrap dress”—and has been a longtime friend and onetime consultant to Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones. Pre-pandemic, he was a familiar presence at art fairs and galleries, in his tank top with his drawstring knapsack on his back. I’d never seen someone look at art the way he does: leaning and bobbing before a canvas, like each piece might be three dimensional. Like each painting might be hiding something.

If designers often point dilettantishly to the same slate of obvious references, Walker is of the rare breed that works like a sponge. He is a mover but not a shaker, endlessly eager to wring out some

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Virgil Abloh x Braun: Virgil Abloh Is Designing His Own Canon

It’s quite optimistic where we can go. If you look at this project with Braun, for example: I come from a different background, but I respect the heritage and DNA, and we both make something better than we would have separate. For companies or institutions—it can be a museum—looking to say, How do we update, how do we modernize? Tell new stories, put it in the hands of someone who’s young and respects the past, and we’ll end up with better institutions. And so that’s my M.O.

Rams designed for years, making everything, and then dropped his 10 design principles well into his career. I’m curious: is that a path you see for yourself? Is there gonna be a codex you’re conscious of, not conscious of, that’s laying out what’s been going on behind the grand scheme of your work—shoes, design, fashion, everything?

You’re onto it exactly. When COVID

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Yes, the United States Needs a Fashion Czar

Earlier this month, Fast Company staff writer Elizabeth Segran put forth an idea for the Biden administration: the President should appoint a fashion czar. “Biden could appoint someone who would hold the industry responsible for its environmental and human rights violations,” she wrote. “The fashion czar could advocate for Congress to pass laws that would hold brands accountable for labor violations…. This czar could transform America into a global hub of sustainable and humane fashion, ensuring it stays a thriving part of the economy.”

The idea seemed to take off, undoubtedly in part due to its irresistible moniker—and now Segran is delivering a letter to the White House and congress formally petitioning for such a position. Brands including Everlane, Allbirds, and Reformation have signed on, as well as journalists, academics, and several sustainable fashion organizations. But does the country really need one?

“I think a lot of people have

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