The Chacos “Chillo” Is the Sandal You Need This Summer

Over the past couple of years, a strappy and sporty style from longtime sandal makers like Chacos and Teva became a bit of a cheeky trend among the menswear set. The dad-ish sandal style suddenly became cool, somewhere between ironically and semi-ironically, alongside a newfound obsession with the Grateful Dead and that band’s fun-loving style. The shoes even showed up on stylish dudes like Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig and multihyphenate star Tyler, the Creator. (Both guys liked the style so much they wore them for GQ photo shoots.) And now it looks like one of those brands—Chacos—has another potential hit on its hands. This time, there is no chaser of irony needed—this is just a straight-up well-designed sandal, for hippies and traditional menswear heads alike.

This style isn’t a nod to the kicks worn by crunchy hikers or free-spirited hippies. Instead, it has more in common with design-minded

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27 Essential Menswear Deals from the Best Memorial Day Sales

Each week, GQ utilizes the latest in deal-identifying technology—i.e. one of our staffers spends most of his day shopping online—to uncover all the wildest markdowns on wardrobe-boosting buys from the best men’s clothing sales on the internet. This time out, we’ve surveyed all of the biggest Memorial Day sales and picked out 27 epic, can’t-miss menswear deals to start your long weekend off right. Happy hunting, y’all.

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Steve Jobs Wore a Cheap Watch: These Are the Affordable Watches Celebrities Love

There is no better figure to start a story about affordable watches with than Steve Jobs and his watch, both of which followed the Think Different approach. Because in the world of the celebrity watch—where a Rolex Submariner worth thousands and thousands of dollars can seem austere—there is no better counterprogramming than a super-affordable timepiece. Billionaire CEOs like Jobs are actually no stranger to practical cheap watches. And the rest of the figures on this list all come at affordable pieces for seemingly different reasons. Tyler, the Creator squeezes joy out of confounding people, John Mayer is an equal opportunity collector, and Barack Obama’s watch might convince the public he is a guy anyone could grab a beer, and then maybe go shopping, with. Also this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger wore an affordable piece in so many movies it’s now known as “The Arnie” and Dave Chapelle flush with Netflix money

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Three Different Fashion Industry Groups Want to Shake Up The Industry. Here’s What It Means For Your Wardrobe

It’s notable that the majority of the grievances these coalitions address are pre-pandemic ones: sustainability was 2019’s buzzword, and many designers, editors, and industry leaders were already talking about making fewer collections and traveling less frequently for shows. Designers have been experimenting for the past five years with showing on different schedules: showing less (like Pyer Moss’s Kerby-Jean Raymond, who shows once a year), or with showing not at all (all praise Acronym’s Errolson Hugh!). In other words, these proposals are less a radical shift than they are reforms that would take the industry back to an earlier, smaller scale.

That sounds good from a business perspective, but consumers are more suspicious of brands than they’ve ever been before, a trend that awkward pandemic marketing has accelerated. Have consumers been trained to hunt for discounts, or is it also possible that they’ve found an inferior product going hand-in-hand with

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14 Best Mattress Deals & Sales During Memorial Day 2020

Sleep is important. But a great mattress can be wildly expensive. “If only there was a place where I could see all of the best mattress deals at a glance,” you’ve surely thought to yourself while tossing and turning through another sleepless night. Well, we read your mind, fine-tooth-combed the mattress internet, and created such a destination. Thanks to the Memorial Day weekend, a bunch of our favorite mattresses are marked down further than usual right now. Below, all the best mattress deals you can score over the long weekend.


Helix Midnight Luxe mattress (was $1,800, now 11% off with code “MDW200”)

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GQ staffers’ all-around favorite mattress is included in Helix’s sliding scale Memorial Day sale. This weekend, you can take $200 off its price and get a set of the company’s dream pillows for free. The company’s cheaper mattresses are also on sale, but

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