Drake Wears a Very Special-Edition Rolex Daytona

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Last summer, all Drake did was rest. On New Year’s, he stretched. And on Valentine’s Day, he had sex. That’s at least according to his new song “What’s Next.” As for what’s next-next? We’ll see, he promised.. Well, what happened next is what’s happened so many times over Champagne Papi’s career: he got a new watch. Seen leaving the studio alongside Zack Bia and assorted other crew members, Drake was spotted wearing one of the coolest Rolex Daytonas we’ve seen in a while. This frosty blue-dialed Daytona was released in 2013 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the model, and Rolex went big for the Daytona’s 50th: the brand made the watch in platinum for the first time ever, and then paired the ice-blue bezel with the chocolate-brown bezel—also a

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Supreme x Dr. Martens: Wild Shoe Summer Is Upon Us

A few years back, loafers went crazy in the best way possible, following in the footsteps of the out-there sneaker wave. Boots and clogs of all types soon followed suit. As spring rolls into summer, some crisp white sneakers will undoubtedly do the trick. But if you’re looking for something fresher and funkier, then you’re in luck. This week brings two brand-new collaborations—from Supreme and Dr. Martens, as well as Noah and Vans. We’d advise you to buckle up:  any of these kicks is sure to turn some heads.

The New York streetwear icon and Dr. Martens have been working together for many years, and this season’s effort is just the latest great collab the two have dropped. Sometimes Supreme has riffed on the English brand’s more obscure styles like the Rousden Creeper; other times they’ve focused on the most iconic, like the 6-Eye boot. Either way, there is usually

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Milo Ventimiglia and His Extremely Short Shorts Have Entered the Great Shorts Length Debate

Spring has officially arrived, and with it the heart of shorts season. The arrival of shorts season, of course, also means the reemergence of the neverending Great Shorts Length Debate. Last year, a critical mass of Gen Z TikTokers declared that there was only one acceptable short length: five inches. Not only did they proclaim it, but they did so by straight-up roasting anyone in standard seven- and nine-inch inseam pairs you see in cities and suburbs across the country. Enter Milo Ventimiglia, the 43-year-old (a cusp Gen X/Millenial) heartthrob actor, who was photographed leaving the gym the other day in shorts so tiny that they make the TikTok-co-signed five-inch inseam look tame.

Ventimiglia, who obviously doesn’t skip leg day by the looks of those thighs, was wearing what I can only guess are shorts with between a one- and three-inch inseam. Perhaps even split shorts? (They’re

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The Patek Philippe Nautilus Was Discontinued. Now It’s Coming Back

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 is dead, long live the 5711. While news broke that Patek would discontinue its most desirable model, arguably the most coveted watch in the world, earlier this year, the brand is already pushing its replacement out to center stage. As part of the kickoff of Watches and Wonders, the industry’s biggest trade show, Patek announced a quartet of new Nautilus models, including the successor to the navy blue 5711.

The star of the show is the 5711/1A-014, identical in nearly every way to the watch that came before it but for one key difference: the Nautilus is switching out its traditional blue dial for one in olive green. If you’re new to the world of watch collecting, that might not sound like much. But in an industry that obsesses over millimeters, this change is enough to set the world on fire. This is

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Lululemon Sale: 13 Big Buys to Stretch Your Limbs, Your Style, and Your Dollar

Maybe you’re trying to push your limits on the yoga mat. Maybe you’re gunning for a new 5K PR. Or maybe you just want to stunt on your homies while staying sinfully comfortable. In any case, the Lululemon sale section is here to help you reach those goals. Right now, during the activewear label’s “We Made Too Much” sale, you’ll find discounts up to 70% on sleek outerwear, extremely fly sweats, badass tactical shorts, and way more. Head on over to Lululemon to shop the entire sale, or scope out our 13 favorite pieces right here. 

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SAG Awards 2021: 10 Unusually Strong Looks

The SAG Awards of 2021, like every year’s SAG Awards, were one of those awards season in-betweeners. They’re not quite as big as the Oscars or the Globes—but because the awards are given out by their peers, actors are always happy to attend. And perhaps because it’s a literal gathering of the peacocks, the SAGs are reliably a night of big fits. And even in our goofy Zoom era, last night’s 2021 SAG Awards attendees delivered. We had statement knits. We had elaborate Italian tailoring. We had custom The Row! It seems like these fellas are really starting to figure out this dressing-for-Zoom thing…

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