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The $20 Vitamin C Serum Everyone Raves About on Amazon

I’m constantly fascinated by all of the random beauty products on Amazon that thousands of people lose it over enough to leave reviews. I’m pretty sure you can’t buy many of these random products anywhere but Amazon, and they’re all very affordable for what they are, e.g., retinol, eye cream, or, in this case, vitamin C serum.

I’m pretty loyal to luxury skincare products, but I’m always open to finding something just as good for less money. For several years, I’ve been switching between vitamin C serums that hover in the $65-to-$100 range, which I pay because I see it as an essential part of a skincare routine. It brightens your skin tone, pumps the skin with all-important antioxidants, reduces UV damage, firms, and shrinks pores. All of this in one product! Which is why I routinely pay the relatively high price for a bottle—until now. 


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10 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots in the Summer

Sick of your sandals and open-toe shoes? Give your good-old ankle boots some love this summer. While the style typically thrives in the fall, there are plenty of weather-appropriate ways to wear them during the warmer months. From adding a pair of booties to your go-to denim shorts look to subbing the style in for your typical heels-and-dress outfit combo, boots are a great way to freshen your summer looks.

To help you hop on the trend, we’re sharing our favorite celebrity outfits as inspiration. While Bella Hadid pairs her boots with a super-simple bodysuit and cool denim skirt, Jessica Alba opts for a classic look wearing a sleeveless dress and studded booties, proving no matter your personal style, there are ways to pull off boots in the summer.

Check out 10 ways fashion girls wear ankle boots in the summer below and shop some of our favorite styles too.

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25 Cheap Bikinis That Look Anything But

Bikinis are likely the last thing on your mind right now amid the current pandemic we’re in, but if summer beach days and lying outside with your friends is something you daydream about, then this story will hopefully lift your spirits. Oddly, swimwear can come with a pretty high price tag, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you look hard enough, you can find hidden gems that, although they won’t cost you more than $100 (yes, for both pieces combined), they will look like you paid much more than that. 

When it comes to finding cheap swimwear that looks expensive, there are a few things that you should be mindful of: prints, seams, and straps. So long as those few details are examined with a fine-tooth comb, you’ll be fooling everyone as you wear a $17 bikini that looks like it cost $200. 

Ahead, go on

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The Best Vitamin C Routine for Brighter Skin

Skin concerns: Acne, loss of elasticity, dullness

Background: When I was a teenager, I suffered from acne that ended up clearing in my 20s. I always loved trying various skin products, so for years now, I’ve had a steady skin routine. A few months ago, adult acne really hit, and I began to suffer my teen skin woes all over again, with some post-acne scarring and discoloration. My typical routine for the morning consists of toner, moisturizer, eye cream, and SPF. In the evening, I double cleanse, follow up with a serum, oil, night cream, and eye cream. When I have an acne flare-up, I’ll use a spot treatment.

Review: This was honestly the perfect time for me to try out these Bliss products. After talking to my dermatologist, who told me that less is more, I decided to tone down all the products I was using and mainly focus

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42 Epic Picks From Shopbop’s Sale in Bloom

I’ve been a loyal Shopbop fan since around 2003 or so. My first purchase? A magenta velvet Juicy Couture zip up jacket. Thankfully my fashion taste has evolved since then, but my love for Shopbop has remained. From affordable staples like Levi’s and Superga sneakers to It-girl beloved brands like By Far and Staud, I could easily outfit my entire wardrobe from the retailer. So when I got wind of a new sale where over a thousand items would be up to 40% off, you better believe I got all the details. As a self-appointed Shopbop sale specialist, I can usually tell which items are going to sell out quickly, so I culled them all together in this story for easy deal hunting. Don’t miss out while stock is aplenty, I’d bet my these items will go fast! 

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9 Wardrobe Basics Everyone Forgets to Buy

It’s pretty safe to assume that we’d all rather buy an amazing, special fashion item than another boring basic. However, the fact of the matter is that truly the majority of what we wear are basics, and they rarely go out of style, so we keep them for ages. Sure, the latest Prada It shoes have a significantly stronger pull than, say, a pair of black pants, but how many times will you really wear the Prada shoes in comparison to the pants? Exactly. Curious as to which basics are essential and the most versatile, we consulted an expert on the matter: Raleigh, North Carolina–based personal stylist Alex Long.

Long’s company, Alex Long Studio, specializes in personal styling and shopping, closet editing, and even packing. Since her clients are real women who lead busy lives, she’s a trusted source when it comes to how women shop

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