Our New Year’s Style Resolutions

Buy only vintage. This really isn’t a resolution, though, because it doesn’t really involve any kind of sacrifice. We are living in a new golden age of vintage. So this is sort of like saying, I resolve to enjoy life more!!!, which makes me feel like a tech CEO in 1999, but whatever! — Rachel Tashjian

Wear jewelry. I have plenty of clothes. The fact that I own not one, but three of the same white button down makes this pretty clear. What I do not have enough of, however, is jewelry. This year, I resolve to drape myself in necklaces with iridescent pendants, stack thin metal bands on my finger, and maybe, just maybe, purchase an anklet. 2021 is going to be my year. — Daniel Varghese

Freak it. Life is short and societal stability is a mirage. In 2021 we’re making every fit count! We’re dressing with purpose!

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Pierre Cardin Wanted to Dress the Whole World

In the late 1950s, revolutionary French couturier Pierre Cardin broke ranks in Paris fashion by presenting the first ready-to-wear collections, for women and for men. Pooh-poohed by his confreres for being too democratic, he was summarily kicked out of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne, the governing body of French fashion at the time. Cardin, who died in Paris Tuesday at the age of 98, didn’t care. “I was born an artiste,” he told the New York Times in 1987, “but I am a businessman.”

Indeed, he was. Having started in fashion in Paris after the war, as an assistant at Paquin, Elsa Schiaparelli, and Christian Dior, he struck out on his own in 1950, eventually becoming the king of licensing, with his name stamped on everything from silk scarves to cigarettes. In the 1960s, Cardin was lauded for his groovy Space Age designs for women. But

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The Most Popular Watches of the Year 2020 Are…

Like everything else in the world, the watch industry was in constant flux this year. Trade shows were canceled, releases were taken off the calendar (only to be put right back on months later), and every event worth wearing a watch to didn’t conform with CDC regulations. The lack of award ceremonies and chichi parties heavily suppressed the volume of watches that came onto our radar this year.

But the watches were still worn. And, surprisingly, our accounting of the watches we spotted this year very closely mirrors what we saw in 2019. While overall numbers were down across the board, many of the same watches and brands that reigned supreme in 2019 did so again in 2020. But maybe that shouldn’t be a shock: watch collectors are a fanatical bunch. A Rolex Forum thread from April that asked “Do you wear your watch at home during

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This Year, No One Dressed Quite As Sharp as Eugene Levy

For decades, Eugene Levy has occupied a sacred space in contemporary comedy: you’ll know him from his beloved mockumentaries with his co-collaborator Christopher Guest, the wildly popular American Pie franchise, and most recently, of course, the sleeper hit show Schitt’s Creek, which he created alongside his son, Dan Levy. The 74-year-old actor is better known for his razor-sharp comedic delivery than his personal style. So, it was a little unexpected when he spent 2020—not anyone’s idea of a well-dressed year—showing up in one expert-level suit or tuxedo after the next.

Leon Bennett / Getty Images

This isn’t to say Levy is a stranger to looking cool and embracing the wilder edges of eccentric suiting. This jacket-shirt-and-tie combo from 1985 makes it pretty clear that he has always been down to have some fun with how he gets dressed. Even this early 1990s look (complete with unbuttoned shirt and

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Remembering China Chalet, Downtown’s Polarizing Party Epicenter

If you went to a China Chalet party any Friday (or Monday) night since 2016, chances are you saw Tyrell Hampton dancing, camera in hand, among a scrum of questionably-of-age models, skaters, artists, and students. “I never missed a party,” says the 21-year-old photographer, who started going in 2016 to the infamous (and now, sadly, closed) Chinese restaurant on Broadway that turned into a nightclub after the last plate of lo mein was cleared from the banquettes. Hampton’s new book of photographs, China Chalet: Memories, doesn’t seek to represent an exhaustive history of the place that served as a port of call for a few generations of downtown party people. (Hampton couldn’t have become a regular much earlier than he did.) Rather, it captures the energy, sexiness, sloppiness, and recklessness of the crew that always flocked to his flashbulb, and serves as a record of a young photographer discovering his

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12 Best Meal Kit Delivery Services in 2021 for Any Home Chef

While you’re paying a bit for the convenience, this actually worked out great as a lunch or easy dinner option. If I didn’t live in a city where takeout options are vast and tasty, it would be even better. The food is pretty fresh, and the dishes are a little more interesting than you usually get in the freezer aisle. They come in individual servings. The microwaving instructions are incredibly accurate (no burned tongues!). Table for one, please.

Price: Freshly is priced by each individual prepared meal—$11.50/meal for 4, but $9.50 for 6, $9 for 10, and 87.50 for 12.

Six Other Meal Kits You Should Consider

Hungry Root

Hungryroot is kind of a healthy meal kit/food delivery service hybrid. Before you sign up and input your credit card information, the company guides you through a short quiz to get some basic info on how much you eat and

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