The Coolest New Watches Don’t Look New At All

A slight yellowing of something that was formerly white is usually considered a bad thing (see: teeth, shower grout, your favorite white tee). When it comes, however, to vintage timepieces—the market for which shows no signs of slowing in the age of coronavirus—the reverse is actually true. The reasons for this are as complex and nerdy as the vintage watch game itself, but suffice to say that collectors highly value authenticity and uniqueness, making a watch with a “tropical” dial or yellowing lume (the stuff that makes hour markers glow in the dark) worth potentially thousands more than one in box-fresh condition. Because of this, and because there are only so many perfectly patinated vintage watches out there, watchmakers have gone ahead and made a bunch of new ones with the patina already baked in. With their retro looks and subtly yellowed “fauxtina” markings, these watches

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How the Apple Watch Helped Me Take Care of Myself Again

By the end of my first couple weeks of isolation, I thought I’d perfected my quarantine routine: wake up promptly at 8 a.m., take a long walk, shower, then get to work at my kitchen table. As the sun was setting, I’d FaceTime a friend, Zoom into a game night, or, when I needed a screen break, tackle a jigsaw puzzle. But as social distancing dragged on, as the world got scarier, as my dining room chair started to ruin my back, I found myself in a deep funk, binging YouTube videos I had already seen of people playing video games I would never play. I would roll over in bed at 9:56 a.m., barely awake, to crack open my work laptop. I wasn’t moving much. For lunch, I’d nuke frozen chicken fingers and French fries. There’s nothing wrong with frozen chicken fingers. But there’s something wrong with

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37 Men’s Shoe Deals from Nike, Common Projects, Timberland, and More

Looking for the best men’s shoe deals the internet has to offer? You’ve come to the right place. From all-weather boots to all-business oxfords—with a healthy serving of red-hot sneakers in the mix, too—we’ve gathered up all the biggest markdowns on the raddest footwear to buy right now. If you’ve got a pair of feet, a sense of style, and a somewhat limited budget, here are 36 major shoe deals you can’t afford to miss.

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Allen Iverson on the NBA Bubble, Vince Carter’s Secret Talent, and His New James Harden Collab

That’s awesome. You mentioned in that video that you used to draw your teammates before games back in the day.

Well, it was rare that I got [to the locker room] before everybody. [Laughs.] But if I did, I’d get in there and put something on the chalkboard just to lighten everybody up. Just to get them in that comfortable mode before we go to war.

Who would you draw?

Anybody. I don’t think I ever did Coach Brown, but all of the guys on my squad. It was just to lighten the mood, especially if it was a tense situation—like a playoff game, something like that.

So the NBA is moving ahead with its restart in a few weeks. How are you feeling about that whole situation? Do you think it’s the right move to go ahead and start playing again after all these months off? 


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LeBron James Is a Hall-of-Fame Watch Collector, Too

LeBron James is the sort of player that makes our current era of positionless basketball possible. He’s a fantastically well rounded superstar who can do it all. No one understands the importance of a balanced approach quite like James—he scores when he needs to, pulls off historic chasedown blocks when called to, and slings it to the corner when there’s an open man waiting. This philosophy is evident in his watch collection, too. While some people with the means to do so chase one brand, or one type of watch (or sometimes a single model!), James has an arsenal of pieces for any and all occasions. LeBron is a model collector, the guy with a watch for every situation. Although hardly anyone can buy the exact watches James puts on his wrist, following his template is a winning recipe. With the return of the NBA (and of LeBron), we couldn’t

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