5 Casual Summer Outfit Ideas That Are So Simple

Welcome to Weekday Wardrobe, a series in which one Who What Wear editor or staffer will snap a pic of their 9-to-5 look each day and break down where you can shop it all to inspire your own everyday style.

When I met my now-husband, Nico, 16 years ago, one thing was clear: We had very different views on style. I, for one, grew up loving clothes, shoes, jewelry, shopping, and putting together outfits for literally everything. Nico on the other hand? Let’s just say he considered pajama bottoms (that were five sizes too big) to be totally acceptable to wear in public. The horror!

Despite our sartorial differences, I still fell for the guy. And now, after being together for close to 13 years, I joke that I’ve created a monster. A monster with impeccable taste and style, that is. I’m kidding. But I do love that he now finds as much joy in clothes as I do (maybe not enough to brave an afternoon of shopping with me, when it’s safe to do so) and actually cares about what he wears. In fact, I was a little taken aback when he took this assignment so seriously. I snapped a picture of myself in an outfit different from what he picked, asking, “How about this instead?” His snooty reply said it all: “I wouldn’t have picked it, but do whatever you want… I guess.”

From then on, I didn’t ask to change things and just went along for the ride. It wasn’t easy giving him all the control, especially since we like different things in my closet, but the whole experience made me realize I have a lot of cool shit that I almost never wear. I’m not saying I’d let Nico dress me when the safer-at-home orders are lifted, but I’m grateful he reintroduced me to a section of my wardrobe that I never pay attention to. Here’s what he came up with for me to wear last week…

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