Day: August 1, 2020

Allen Iverson on the NBA Bubble, Vince Carter’s Secret Talent, and His New James Harden Collab

That’s awesome. You mentioned in that video that you used to draw your teammates before games back in the day.

Well, it was rare that I got [to the locker room] before everybody. [Laughs.] But if I did, I’d get in there and put something on the chalkboard just to lighten everybody up. Just to get them in that comfortable mode before we go to war.

Who would you draw?

Anybody. I don’t think I ever did Coach Brown, but all of the guys on my squad. It was just to lighten the mood, especially if it was a tense situation—like a playoff game, something like that.

So the NBA is moving ahead with its restart in a few weeks. How are you feeling about that whole situation? Do you think it’s the right move to go ahead and start playing again after all these months off? 


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