Day: July 16, 2020

The Best Body Scrub Will Leave Your Skin Baby-Smooth

When we talk about exfoliation, we don’t usually mean the best body scrub. That a conversation usually reserved for the face—facial scrubs, to be exact, or their chemical counterparts. Exfoliators buff away all the dead skin that sits atop your skin—these cells roughen your skin texture, dull your complexion, and cause breakouts. But exfoliation isn’t exclusive to the face. The best body scrub out there will do just as much good for the skin on the rest of you, and there’s a scrub for practically every inch of your body, from head to toe. These body scrubs can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth; especially if you follow a good scrub-down with a good body hydrator. The scrub did its job to reveal the freshest, brightest, and healthiest skin cells at the surface of your skin, while sloughing away the zombie cells.

But before you

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