Day: July 14, 2020

Rejoice: NBA Players Are Gonna Get Fits Off After All

Injuries, “inadvertent” bubble bursting, positive COVID test results: almost all of the early news coming out of the NBA bubble in Orlando has been hard to hear so far. The cherry on top? Players’ pregame outfit-revealing tunnel walks, the fashion show that has become so foundational to the league’s brand over the past couple of years, would be shelved, too, according to ESPN reporter Nick DePaula. A new policy required players to arrive for games ready to hoop, already in uniform and warmups. “Considering the unique environment on the NBA Disney campus and warmer weather conditions, a different policy was put in place for players’ arrival and entry into the arenas,” a league spokesperson said, according to ESPN.

“That is crazy,” Tucker told ESPN in reaction to the news. “I think that takes away [from] originally what getting dressed was all about. It wasn’t even

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