Day: July 10, 2020

100 Vibes from Jason Isbell, Zack Bia, Acyde, and the Corporate Lunch Crew

Not many things in this world make it to 100, and those that do are some of humanity’s greatest treasures: Galapagos turtles, well-adjusted pescatarian inhabitants of the islands in the Aegean Sea—and now, Corporate Lunch.

Yes, Corporate Lunch has made it through 100 episodes of hanging out, talking style, bonding over clothes, and sharing vibes. To celebrate the milestone, we had our pal Andrew Kuo gussy up our image with a whole new logo. We’re 100, and that’s fancy!

We also recorded a Very Special Episode of 100 vibes, a turbo take on our regular end-of-episode feature in which we dish on stuff we dig. To accomplish this doozy, we asked some of our favorite past guests and our fans (you!) to help us beef out the list. It’s sort of like when people get together and read the entirety of Moby Dick aloud, but with more Stüssy and insect-repellant

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