Day: July 8, 2020

Raf Simons Is Reissuing 100 Archival Grails

Raf Simons is one of the keystone designers of our current archival fashion movement, with his late-’90s coats and early-2000s sweaters collected like works of art—often demanding the prices to match. Now Simons is entering that market with a new project: Raf Simons Archive Redux, which will see the designer reissuing 100 classic pieces on the occasion of its quarter-century anniversary this year. “These garments reflect the shifts of time, highlighting pieces that have an instinctive relevance to the world of today,” reads the press release issued Tuesday morning. “There is no hierarchy or system to the choices: they are pure creative decisions.” In other words: This isn’t just about playing the hits. Perhaps you’ll see coats from the landmark Fall 2003 New Order collection, but you’re just as likely to see the flowing trouser from Fall 2005’s History of My World—one is a foundational grail-culture piece, but the

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