Day: July 3, 2020

Robert Redford’s Favorite Watch Is No Ordinary Rolex

I had just finished making an exhibition for a gallery in Paris when the coronavirus crisis hit. The show, and everything else I was working on, was immediately put on hold. For the first time in years, I had no deadlines. I figured I could occupy myself in quarantine by drawing about death, a constant theme in my work—but instead I decided to let myself have fun. So I’ve been using the extra time to work on an idea that had been in my head for the past 18 months or so, a series of paintings of classic American icons: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, and Robert Redford.

The day I started, I put on my 1972 Rolex ref. 1680 “Red Line” Submariner, and I have barely taken it off since. We’re all searching for comfort and something familiar right now. This little piece of steel from 48 years ago

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