Day: June 23, 2020

Amazon Big Style Sale 2020: 71 Best Clothing & Fashion Deals

With Prime Day—everyone’s favorite nightmare of a fake holiday—postponed due to, you know, everything, Amazon is launching its first-ever Big Style Sale (“Amazon Big Style Sale 2020!”). To quench America’s thirst for a little summertime deal-hunting, this weeklong event will feature massive discounts on tens of thousands of clothing items, accessories, and shoes from across its unwieldy style section. To help you make the most of this mildly overwhelming event, GQ’s staff has spent hours scrolling through endless pages of sweats, sneakers, jeans, dress shirts, and more to uncover all the biggest and best steals available. Consider this your Amazon Big Style Sale 2020 roadmap: all week long, we’ll be keeping it updated in real time with fresh deals and limited-time offers right at the top as they drop. Check back in early and often.

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