Day: June 17, 2020

Sies Marjan Shuts Down | GQ

Sies Marjan, the five-year-old New York–based brand designed by 35-year-old Sander Lak, announced on Monday that it is shuttering due to the financial impact of COVID-19.

It raises a question: WTF?

That might sound a little strident, but consider the evidence. Sies Marjan was one of New York’s few luxury-fashion success stories. The clothes were often pulled by magazine editors, including GQ’s, for the kinds of shoots you might call “directional”—but they were also deeply wearable. Even when global warming eliminated the need for outerwear, Sies Marjan’s pastel coats, thrown over T-shirts, were a common sight in downtown New York and Brooklyn. Just four months ago, the brand underwrote the Guggenheim’s big Rem Koolhaas show, precisely the kind of financial flex usually undertaken by big-time LVMH or Kering brands.

Speaking of financial muscle: Not only were Sies Marjan’s credentials in order, but the finances were too. Everything was

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