Day: June 16, 2020

Why Organizers of Sunday’s Massive Black Trans Live Matter March Urged Protesters to Wear White

Dakota and Tirado didn’t simply choose white to mirror the protest of 1917, either. White was chosen because of all the poetic splendor associated with the color. In literature, white often represents newness—a fresh sheet of snow, a blank slate—and it was the same for Sunday’s Brooklyn Liberation match. “Another part of our incentive for folks to wear white was to help the public understand a new, visual way to imagine our community—the dawn of a new era that would not just include Black Trans and gendernonconforming people, but put them at the front where they belong,” Tirado said via email.

Both Tirado and Dakota felt that the rainbow typically associated with Pride lost its resonance when corporations started using it to cover up otherwise problematic behavior. When rainbows appear on NYPD cop cars and hang outside precincts, they don’t make as much sense in a protest against those

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