Day: June 14, 2020

Three Major Streetwear Drops That Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Over the past few months, as COVID-19 ravaged the world, streetwear labels began harnessing the power of the drop model—highly coveted products released in highly limited quantities during highly abbreviated windows—to raise staggering sums of money for good causes in no time flat. Supreme racked up hundreds of thousands for coronavirus relief with a single Takashi Murakami-blessed tee. Across the pond, Palace Skateboards did the same with a capsule benefitting the UK’s National Health Service. Now, with protests across America stretching into their third week, a handful of brands have shifted their focus towards the Black Lives Matter movement—like the cult LA collective Brain Dead, who donated half a million dollars last week to M4BL and The Freedom Fund off the back of a Dev Hynes collaboration. This week, they’re being joined in those efforts with a trio of wild drops from some of the biggest names in

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